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Divya's fate has been intertwined with a social evil that has distorted the female population since the dawn of time - domestic violence.Representational image

When Divya Gupta moved to Dubai in January 2020 to live with her husband, she would have imagined the new phase of her life to be filled with compassion and joyous moments. But, within just seven months of the new beginning, all her dreams and aspirations of a happy married life were shattered to pieces.

Divya's fate has been intertwined with a social evil that has distorted the female population since the dawn of time - domestic violence. She has faced unrelenting physical abuse at the hands of her husband Dipesh Gupta and in-laws for years but finally mustered up the courage to reveal their true faces to the world when the situation worsened in Dubai.

Divya's heart-wrenching story

Distressed and helpless, Divya chose social media as the medium to narrate her ordeal. She recorded a video detailing the evil deeds committed by Dipesh and his family.

With immense pain in her eyes and bruises all over her face, Divya revealed that she is scared for her herself and her 13-months-old daughter as Dipesh has been torturing her physically and mentally over dowry ever since they tied the knot in 2018. The instances of abuse increased after she relocated to Dubai.

"I came to Dubai earlier this year with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My husband hits me in front of them and they further provoke him to do so. I had no sim card earlier so I could not contact the police for help," says Divya, sobbing uncontrollably.

After a brief pause, she further adds, "He has pushed my head into the cupboard multiple times and has also pushed me down to the floor. I have tried to stop him but could not. He has also threatened to kill me. I am helpless and scared."

Internet made sure that Divya receives help

As Divya's video gradually reached more and more people on Twitter, concerned authorities were informed about her miserable condition and they swung into action right away. Presently, arrangements are being made for her safe return to India.

Indian woman pleads for help against domestic abuse
Indian woman pleads for help against domestic abuseTwitter

Dubai Police took to its official Twitter handle and provided a link to report the entire matter so that further action could be taken. "Thank you for reaching us and help kindly report it through the following link," tweeted Dubai Police.

Indian Consulate in Dubai informed via Twitter that all possible assistance is being provided to Divya. "We have contacted Ms Divya Gupta and assured her of all possible assistance. She now desires to go back to India and we will make sure that she can leave for India at the earliest," said Consulate General of India, Dubai.