Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed's driving licenceTwitter/ FX16NEWS

An Indian student from Telangana was reportedly shot at a shop where he worked in California, United States.

Mubeen Ahmed, 26, was working part-time in the store.

Reports state that Ahmed is in a critical condition after he was shot on Sunday.

The Indian student moved to California in 2015 for a Master's programme, and completed his studies two years ago. Ahmed's family hails from the Sangareddy district in Telangana.

Ahmed's father, Mujeeb Ahmed, in a television interview said that his son was at the store when some people of Black origin came to the store.

The father said that they fired at him after engaging in an argument with Mubeen.

"On the day Mubeen was at the store when a few persons of black origin came in to make some purchase. There was some heated argument between the customers and Mubeen. Later, they fired at him resulting in a rupture in his stomach and damage to liver,"  Mujeeb Ahmed told Sakshi news.

More details are awaited.