Coronavirus has already killed more than 19,000 people worldwide, and experts believe that the death toll will rise dramatically in the coming days. As Covid-19 continues its killing spree, an Indian student studying in Italy has now shared her experiences living in the country where this pandemic is killing thousands.

Italy weeps

In a recent video, this student, named Vineetha who hails from Kerala reveals that the situation in Italy is very serious and all she can hear is sirens of ambulances and other government warnings.

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"Army vehicles are going continuously through the roads, and most of these vehicles carry dead bodies of people. I am feeling afraid. In Italy, ten percent of the affected patients are dying, and if the same happens in India, things will go out of hand. Here, there are no places to bury dead bodies, and I am scared about India if such a situation happens," said Vineetha.

Vineetha who is a microbiology student added that situations would not have been worsened if authorities had ordered a lockdown a couple of weeks back. She urged everyone to remain in homes, as social spread of Covid-19 in a country like India will kill thousands of people.

Did an Indian saint once predict coronavirus outbreak?

As scare looms up, a section of people has started claiming that Veera Brahmendra Swamy, a 16th-century Hindu saint, in his book 'Kaala Gnanam' had talked about a deadly pandemic that will kill hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Interestingly, in his book, Brahmendra Swamy has predicted about a disease named 'Coranki'. 

"Poisonous gas will emerge in the East. Lakhs of people will die. Coranki disease hits one crore people. Just like fumbling chicken, they will fall and die," said Brahmendra Swami,"' wrote Brahmendra Swamy. 

In the meantime, a section of Christian conspiracy theorists has started arguing that the coronavirus outbreak is an indication of imminent world end, and it is associated with the second coming of Christ.