An Indian man was sentenced to five years in prison by the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi for espionage on 10 January.

The convicted man, Manar T Abbas, was imprisoned for "spying for the Indian intelligence services", Gulf News, a UAE-based daily, reported.

Abbas was passing information regarding movement of military vessels in Abu Dhabi ports to officials in the Indian Embassy, the daily reported.

He will be deported after serving his sentence.

In previous years, there have been numerous convictions for spying in the UAE.

In January 2013, a former army personnel in the UAE was convicted for selling UAE intelligence information to a country, which got him imprisoned for seven years.

In September 2013, a Pakistani national who was working as a "driver at a sensitive government department" was sentenced to three years prison time for spying for a country, the name of which was not made public. 

In June 2014, an Asian man, whose identity or the country he was spying for was not revealed, had been suspected of spying. No other details were given about him.

In March 2015, three British nationals were imprisoned for noting down flight numbers outside an airport in the UAE.