Judge Frank Caprio's 'Caught in Providence' court
Judge Frank Caprio's 'Caught in Providence' courtScreenshot

"You're one of the kindest judge(s) on this planet," said an excited Dr Houdhary Siamwala as he accompanied his daughter, who was in Judge Frank Caprio's courtroom to face a parking ticket. Videos from Judge Caprio's courtroom are extremely popular as people from across the world admire the judge's wisdom and the unique approach to tending legal cases.

As it appeared, Dr Siamwala, a fan of Judge Caprio's videos, was excited to be in the courtroom and least worried about the parking ticket. He couldn't contain his excitement, and the judge, as always, did the unexpected.

Indian man turns judge briefly

This clearly can happen only in Judge Caprio's courtroom. The Indian man called up to the podium, given the gavel, and asked to give the verdict. Before that, the judge explained the case to him, saying his daughter got a fine for parking where no vehicles are allowed to be parked between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. But she had parked there at 9:54 a.m., six minutes early. Had she been a little late, she could have easily evaded the ticket.

Caught in Province judge
Judge Frank CaprioYouTube/Screenshot

Hearing Judge Caprio, the Indian man was quick to decide "not guilty." But the judge showed the right way of declaring the verdict - that is by saying not guilty while banging the gavel. The Indian man finally got it right - thrice.

The Indian man, who was visiting his daughter in the States, gave the reason why he chose to give the "not guilty" verdict. Her daughter was dropping off her five-year-old to school.

Judge Caprio then sees off the Indian man saying "you're a good judge."

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