A 30-year-old Indian woman, Kairi Shepherd, is facing deportation from the US back to her motherland India.

Shepherd was adopted by an American family 30 years ago from an orphanage in Kolkata. She was only three-months-old when she was adopted. She is now facing deportation after a US court judge upheld the right of the US federal government to deport her to India.

Shepherd's adoptive mother died after suffering from cancer when she was only eight-years-old.

 When Shepherd was 17-years-old she faced major problems as she was suffering from drug habit. She was also convicted in cheque forgery.

Shepherd is currently hiding in US and is facing deportation by immigration authorities after the judge said the court did not have the jurisdiction to ascertain the legal status of the Indian girl.

The US administration said it wants to deport Kairi after they realized that her neutralization documents were incomplete.

(With inputs from IBNS)