As the US presidential election is just two days away, an Indian astrologer has bizarrely predicted that reigning President Donald Trump will get a second term. The predictions are made by Shankar Tripathi, an astrologer who is based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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Chances of Donald Trump winning the elections

Shankar Tripathi made this conclusion after analysing the horoscope of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In a recent note from the astrologer that has gone viral on the internet, Tripathi claims that Donald Trump has an upper hand over Biden in the elections, mainly due to the effect of the Dragonhead, known as Rahu, in Hindu mythology.

On the other hand, Tripathi predicts Biden's win in eight states, due to the influence of Mars. Tripathi believes that Joe Biden will give a tough challenge to Trump in the elections, but in the end, the reigning president will come out victorious.

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Trump will win amid criticism

According to Tripathi, Donald Trump will win the elections, making his way to the White House for the second time. However, he made it clear that Trump's election win will garner severe criticisms, and skeptics will blame him for hacking the entire election process.

This is not the first time that a spiritualist is predicting the victory of Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. A few days back, popular televangelist Paul Begley had also predicted Trump's victory stating that God is on his side. Begley also outlandishly argued that Donald Trump's win will have crucial implications in determining the fate of planet earth, and made it clear that this election is directly connected to the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.

Begley, who is known for his doomsday prophecies also made it clear that Trump's second term as president is nothing but a series of events that could result at the end of the world.