The internet is has been in a 'Pawri' mood ever since Dananeer Mobeen, a 19-year-old influencer from Pakistan, started the Pawri Ho Rahi Hai trend when she shared a video of her along with her friends. 

After the viral trend, everyone tried their hands at various hilarious versions. This time a video of two Indian Army men trying the Pawri trend has gone viral as they gave it their own twist. 

Pawri trend

Keeping humour in such a tough working condition: Netizens laud the Army Pawri version 

In the video, two Army men can be seen in a snow-clad location when they are heard saying, "yeh hum hain, yeh humari gun hai," and then pointing the camera towards the mountains to say, "aur yeh humari patrolling ho rahi hai."

So far the clip has been lauded by netizens and viewed over 2 lakh times on Twitter garnering more than 8000 likes. 

Netizens couldn't stop themselves from showing gratitude to the two soldiers. One netizen said, "Salute to our Army ... Keeping humour in such a tough working condition.. many of us will breakdown Even in thought in such terrains." Another said,  Jai Hind, salute to our soldiers."