A promising and ambitious archery player, Pragati is admitted to a hospital and battling for her life after suffering a brain stroke. Her sister Kanika Mehra shared this news on Twitter and has requested for help towards the cost of surgery required to be done soon.

Archery player's sister tweet

Khelo India Scholar

A Khelo India Scholar, Pragati was determined to excel in the sports of archery and win accolades for India. In fact, she had won a gold medal at International Archery Competition recently held in Dhaka. She has been an inspiration to many young girls who also want to follow their dreams like her.

Archery player
Pragati won a gold medal at International Archery Competition held in Dhaka in 2019.Pragati's sister Kanika Mehra

Till before the brain stroke, she had been working hard towards her goal. Like a diligent and focused player, she was following a rigorous routine and honing her craft. She was burning with a desire to succeed.

Pragati suffered brain stroke

On May 5, the young girl started her day as usual and was going about her day that suddenly something unexpected happened. Pragati lost control and collapsed on the ground.

Her family immediately rushed her to a hospital in Vaishali and requested the doctors to attend her. On evaluating, doctors found that she has suffered a brain stroke due to excessive heat.

Pragati with her mother and sister.Pragati's sister Kanika Mehra

The family was devastated by the news. Not only she was a ray of hope for them but the fact that she is facing a critical life-threatening condition at such a young age broke them.

Family needs Rs 25 lakh for Pragati's brain surgeries 

Doctors suggested immediate brain surgery to be performed to save Pragati's life. They have informed that the surgery could cost somewhere from 15 lakhs to 25 Lakhs. Though they have performed the initial surgery. The family need to have that said amount for further surgeries.

The family is doing their best to collect the money but is finding it very difficult that big amount. Coming from a middle-class family, Pragati's father, Atul Kumar Choudhary, has a small shop which he has sublet at the rent of 20,000 per month. With this amount, it is difficult for him to accumulate Rs 25 lakh required for the surgery.

Archery player
Pragati is on ventilator battling for her life.Courtesy: Pragati's sister Kanika Mehra

Ministry of Sports rejected the player's plea for help

The family turned to relatives and friends for financial help. They also reached out to the Ministry of Sports but the government rejected their plea. The family is planning to move again with a new plea for the help as Pragati not only a Khalo India Scholar but has also represented India at international platforms.

However, so far there has been no response from the government's side. And Due to the lockdown in light of coronavirus pandemic, Pragati's family is finding it difficult to collect the amount.

The family has now reached out to a nonprofit crowdfunding platform Impactguru to raise the amount through donations.

Pragati's family is pinning all it hopes on the donation for the surgery. They have been able to raise 30% of the amount so far but need more help.