Union Home Minister Amit Shah released a statement on rumours that he is not well. "I am healthy and not suffering from any ailment," confirmed Amit Shah. Shah took to Twitter saying, "Lakhs of BJP workers expressed concern over this speculation spread by certain 'well-wishers', I decided to issue the clarification." 

Amit Shah
Amit Shah.Reuters

Dismissing rumours of ill health, Shah said that the social media rumours around his health are wrong. He further states that he is completely healthy and is not suffering from any disease. The Union Home Minister said that he's hale and hearty and has been working relentlessly in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Shah also said, "In the Hindu belief system, one's health improves if there are rumours of someone being unwell. Don't worry about my health." He said he held no grudge against those who spearheaded the misinformation campaign. He took a subtle dig at them by saying, "I thank you as well"

Shah stated that he chose to ignore the rumours as he was busy fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. He said he went on ignoring these rumours to let people "enjoy their imagination". But it is the concern of BJP cadres which forced him to make the clarification.

Amit Shah slams rumour mongers

Amit Shah tweet

Smriti Irani, Union Minister for Textiles and Women and Child Development, responded to Amit Shah's tweet saying, "Wishing you all longevity."

Coronavirus in India

Amit Shah's tweet comes at a time when the country is fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic with 3,320 new cases in 24 hours. The nationwide tally neared 60,000-mark on Saturday.

Even as India remains under strict lockdown, around 95 deaths were reported in the last 24-hours, taking the total toll to 1,981. Maharashtra continues to remain the worst affected state with 19,063 cases and 731 deaths.