There has been illogical resistance to wearing face masks in the West and the movement has now shifted to India. Indian anti-maskers are demanding freedom from masks on the occasion of Independence Day, touting it as real freedom.

A shocking video has gone viral on social media, which shows a small group of youths trying to make sense of why one mustn't wear face mask in wake of coronavirus. The group is trying to justify their claim about face masks being ineffective, but things get worse when one individual says face masks are just a psychological operation. But that's not all.

Indian anti-maskers want independence from face masks

The two-minute video is an anti face mask rant at best. They group starts by wishing "Happy Independence Day" and that's where logic ends. One male individual removes his surgical face mask and says "This is not independence." Pointing to the face mask, he says "this is about taking your freedom away, this is about manipulation and control. Because this does not work."

The camera then pans to another anti-masker, who tries to explain the science behind how coronavirus spreads. She says: "The virus is nanoparticles, small micro. It can easily go through our cloth masks. Then how is it effective? You're inhaling your own carbon-di-oxide. Do you think that's healthy?"

The video goes on to show another advocate of anti-mask. He says the mask is a sign of your compliance and slavery. He even urges the public to seek scientific evidence in case anyone asks you to wear a mask.

Another anti-masker confidently says, pointing to his face mask, that it is not about your health. He says, "it is about common sense. Once you release your carbon-di-oxide and you're wearing a mask and a lot of bacteria is formed on the mask, in turn, we breathe that it. That is much more harmful.

Finally, the video shows another man who says face masks are only about control and psychological operation. He adds: "This (face mask) doesn't work. Why are we forced to wear this? This is mind manipulation. Wake up!"

Then a background voice continues to diminish the effectiveness of a face mask. The group is also shown burning their face masks. Interestingly, the voice says: "Today it is a mandatory mask, tomorrow it is a mandatory vaccine."

Is face mask really ineffective?

Ever since COVID-19 pandemic broke, face masks, social distancing and personal hygiene are recommended as they are the only way to curb the spread of the virus. With no vaccine ready for the virus yet, people are urged to follow these rules religiously.

Face mask test
Face mask research(Siddhartha Verma, Manhar Dhanak & John Frankenfield/Physics of Fluids)

There's enough scientific evidence to support face masks are more effective than no face mask in curbing the spread of the virus. Health experts around the world, including the World Health Organisation, is time and again appealed for effective adherence to COVID guidelines, which include wearing a face mask. So anyone saying otherwise is just baseless and not backed by any scientific evidence.