Face mask or $300
Face mask or $300IBT Creative

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke, face masks have been made mandatory as they help slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Face masks, together with social distancing, is proven method to fight the pandemic. But a large community is seen defying the face mask norm despite the known risks of not wearing them in public. Now, the city of Everett has issued a strict order to ensure adherence to the face mask rule.

Starting Monday, everyone over the age of two are required to wear a face mask or face coverings in all public places - be it indoor or outdoor spaces - in wake of the widespread of coronavirus. To ensure people do not defy the order, city mayor Carlo DeMaria has signed an executive order that will impose a penalty of $300 per violation.

"I have ordered the Everett Police Department, Everett Health Department, and Inspectional Services to strictly enforce these guidelines and issue warnings and/or violations to those who are not adhering to the Order can be fined up to $300 per violation. I know these measures may seem extreme; however, this virus is extreme. As we continue to grapple with the spread of the coronavirus, the response to mitigate the current pandemic and flatten the curve has to be more vigorous," DeMaria wrote.

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A man wearing a mask waits at a bus stopCourtesy: Reuters

What the new rule state?

According to the new order, face coverings are mandatory in all public places including parks, businesses, outdoor spaces, and all public spaces. However, in the case of restaurants, people are allowed to take off the masks for the consumption of food and beverage, but strict adherence must be followed while entering, exiting and moving about in the restaurant.

As defiance for wearing face masks grows in the States, it appears penalising violations is the only viable solution. Everett's new law could be mirrored in other cities across the US for the strict execution of wearing face masks in public.