Zimbabwean cricket needs big cricket teams to come for a full tour.Reuters

The Zimbabwe cricket team have a busy few months ahead with various top teams scheduled to tour during the year. Zimbabwe currently are hosting India for a three ODI series and two T20 matches with the first ODI on Friday.

All cricket nations are eager to host India for a series as it helps in bringing a lot of revenue and Zimbabwe Cricket managing director Alistair Campbell stated India's tour of Zimbabwe is a huge thing for them.

"India is the biggest tour we have to our country because it brings in the most revenue for us," Reuters quoted Alistair Campbell as saying.

Countries like Zimbabwe need giants of the world cricket such as India and Australia amongst others nations to visit the African nation, as revenue from such matches can be used in the overall development of the country's cricket.

Alistair Campbell further stated India coming over to Zimbabwe for a series of ODI and T20 should hold them in good position for other tours.

"It was important for us to start this next period with India because this tour provides us with the resources needed for our other incoming tours overs the next few months."

After India concludes their tour of Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Pakistan and West Indies are expected to arrive in the East African nation. Such tours are going to not only help them make revenues, but also provide great exposure to Zimbabwean cricketers.

"All of those tours (New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies) are confirmed," Campbell said. "New Zealand arrive around July 29 and will leave either 10 or 11 August when they go on to play in South Africa. Pakistan and West Indies will then be involved in a triangular with us from Aug. 20 to Sept. 6."

Zimbabwe might not have been able to impress in the 2015 World Cup, but they have set their sights in the 2019 World Cup, for which they need to improve in the rankings as well.

"This is a crucial period for us because we obviously want to qualify for the next World Cup in 2019 and to do that we must be in the top eight in the ODI rankings. That is what we are building towards."

If teams such as Zimbabwe prosper in world cricket, it is only going to help in improving standards of cricket globally.