Virat Kohli-Ravichandran Ashwin
The big guns have to deliver in the second T20 on Sunday.Reuters

What a sorry end to the series! It is India, who will be much more disappointed as they were in a better position to win the second T20, and level the series at 1-1. With this result, West Indies clinch the series 1-0 after their win on Saturday.

Due to technical reasons, the match did not start on time, and was postponed by 40 minutes. Had the second T20 started as scheduled on 7:30 p.m IST, the result could have been different. 

11:35: The match has been called off. 

11:18: So far, it seems that there is a growing concern in the bowlers run up area, and a number of players, inluding captains of both teams, have had a look at the area. 

Some good news

DLS par score, after five overs, is 27 for the loss of no wickets. It could be unfortunate for India if there is no further play as they are in a good position to win the match.

The covers are on as it has started to rain.

10:10: Badree to bowl the second over, and Rahane gets off the mark with a single, plays straight down the ground. The pair converts a single into a couple, good running from India. Badree is not troubling the India batsmen, who are not taking any risks, but still scoring runs freely. India 15/0, 2 overs (Rohit 10, Rahane 4)

10:05: Rohit to face Russell, who is bowling a tight line and length to the Mumbai batsman, at least for the first two balls. But Rohit opens his account with a hook shot for a six. He takes a single in the next ball, good running. Fletcher fails to gather the ball, the pair takes a bye. India 8/0, 1 over (Rohit 7, Rahane 0)

10:01: India openers -- Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane -- have walked to the middle.

India require 144 runs to win the second T20 after some brilliant performance from the bowlers. Amit Mishra was the pick of the bowlers, taking three wickets. 

9:42: Narine connects the ball well and hits Shami for a six in the second ball. It was in the zone for the leggie to smack it. Badree goes for a maximum, and he misses the ball, gets bowled. West Indies all out for 143 runs

9:38: Bumrah to Narine, starts with a dot ball. One perfect yorker from Bumrah and that could be the end of West Indies innings. Bumrah is setting him up as he bowls a bouncer, but Narine takes a single in the third ball. West Indies should try and play 20 overs, at least. West Indies 136/9, 19 overs. (Badre 1, Narine 2)

9:35: India cannot take it lightly despite the start as Brathwaite can hit it long, and with ease and great consistency. He reverse sweeps Mishra for a four, and follows that with a massive six in the leg side. That is power for you. But Brathwaite's stay at the crease comes to an end as he is clean bowled after missing the ball. West Indies 133/9, 17.5 overs

9:29: Bhuvneshwar to Russell, and he starts with a wide. Russell misses a full toss, goes for a wild swing. Outside edge, and Russell, takes single, is not looking comfortable against Bhuvi. Brathwaite plays a paddle round the corner for an important boundary. Another paddle, but this looks awkward, still a couple. Russell fails to clear the ground, and is caught in the deep. West Indies 123/8, 17 overs. (Brathwaite 8)

9:24: Brathwaite will need to play a skipper's innings now. Can he? He gets off the mark with a single. Russell gives the strike back to his captain. West Indies 113/7, 16 overs. (Russell 12, Brathwaite 1)

9:21: Mishra to bowl his third over. Russell in strike, plays it onto the on side for one run. Bravo comes down the track, and misses the ball. He is clean bowled. WI 111/7. 15.2

9:20: Bumrah is bowling full to the WI batsmen, and he is making them think as he is mixing his deliveries well. As I say that, he bowls a bouncer to Russell. It was a slower bouncer, and he gets under it. Another short ball, but Russell was waiting for it, as he slams it for a huge six. West Indies 110/6, 15 overs. (Russell 10, Bravo 3)

9:16: India are looking good, with six West Indies wickets down. India have to go for the kill, but WI have a strong batting line-up. Ashwin concedes three runs from four balls, and he has been tremendous in the second T20. Four runs from the over. West Indies 102/6, 14 overs. (Russell 3, Bravo 2)

9:13: Bouncer from Bumrah to Fletcher, who is surprised. The ball hits the helmet and goes over Dhoni's head for a boundary. Leg-byes given. Fletcher pulls it for a single. Russell plays a cross bat shot, another single. Bumrah gets Fletcher out. Brilliant yorker from the bowler, and the batsman finishes second best. West Indies 98/6, 13 overs. (Russell 1)

9:07: Ashwin to Flecther, who takes a single in the first ball, and Pollard gives the strike back with another single. Ashwin is bowling well, not allowing batsmen to score easy runs, and the off-spinner removes Pollard, traps his LBW. West Indies 92/5 11.5 overs.

9:03: India bowlers have been brilliant in the second T20,  and have picked four wickets so far. They are bowling in the right areas, mixingup well too. Bumrah oversteps, no ball, free hit and Pollard is at the batting end. He makes use of it, hits it straight down the ground for a boundary. Bumrah appeals as he wraps Pollard on his pads, umpire gives him not out. Pollard is not peturbed as he flicks the next ball for a six. West Indies 89/4, 11 overs. (Fletcher 0, Pollard 12)

8:59: Samuels is gone as he edges the ball to Dhoni. Good bowling by Bumrah, who strikes with his first ball of the second T20. West Indies 76/4, 10.1 overs

8:58: Ashwin beats new man Fletcher with a wonderful flipper. West Indies 76/3, 10 overs. (Samuels 5, Fletcher 0)

8:57: Ashwin coming round the wicket, good start from the off-spinner, who gives one run from his first two balls. He seems to be bowling a bit quicker and flatter though the air, not giving the batsmen to get under, and hit the ball long.  Dhoni stumps Simmons as Ashwin bowls down the leg side, fooling the batsman. West Indies 76/3, 9.5 overs.

8:53: Short and wide from Jadeja, and Simmons slashes the ball hard, and it is a good boundary.  He follows it with another boundary. Jadeja beats Samuels outside the off stump. The batsman takes a single in the last ball of the over.  West Indies 72/2, 9 overs (Samuels 3, Simmons 18)

8:49: West Indies batsmen are not able to hit runs in boundaries, and they are under pressure to score quick runs. Simmons takes a chance, hits an inside out shot for a boundary. It was a much-needed four. Simmons lofts the ball to mid-off, takes a single. West Indies 62/2, 8 overs (Samuels 2, Simmons 9)

8:45: Jadeja from the other end, so spinners bowling in tandem. Four balls, and not a single run has been scored, but Simmons takes a single to deny Jadeja a rare maiden over in the format. However, this is good bowling from India. West Indies 55/2, 7 overs (Samuels 1, Simmons 3)

8:41: Brilliant over from Mishra, who not only manages to take the wicket of Charles, but also did not concede much. West Indies scores four runs from the over. West Indies 54/2, 6 overs (Samuels 1, Simmons 2)

8:37: Mishra dismisses Charles. Big wicket for India. They are into the middle order of West Indies now. West Indies 50/2, 5.1 overs

8:36: After six runs from the first three balls, Dhoni and Kohli are having a talk with Bhuvi, but it does not matter to Charles, who hits it straight past the bowler for another boundary. Second four of the over. West Indies 50/1, 5 overs (Charles 43, Samuels 0)

8:32: Charles looks in amazing knick, as he flicks the ball for a wristy six in the third ball. He just used the pace of the bowler. The batsman is lukcy as top edge produces four runs the next ball. Charles is dealing in boundaries, and it is a short-arm jab for another boundary. West Indies 39/1, 4 overs (Charles 32, Samuels 0)

8:28: Shami dismisses Lewis with a short ball, as the left-hander is cramped, and he cannot connect well. Mishra catches it in short fine leg. West Indies 24/1, 3.2 overs

8:27: India bowlers have a definite game plan - no pitching up to Charles, and it is working so far. But you cannot keep this guy quiet as he pulls it for a maximum. Inside edge and Charles manages to complete a couple. Bhuvi, despite that six, has come back strong. West Indies 24/0, 3 overs (Charles 17, Lewis 7)

8:22: Mohammed Shami to Charles. The right-hander crunches the ball in the backfoot for a single. Amit Mishra saves a sure boundary, good dive in short fine leg. India have looked sharp in the field early on. Lewis ends the over with a boundary, another short ball goes towards the boundary line. West Indies 16/0, 2 overs (Charles 9, Lewis 7)

8:18: Bhuvneshwar Kumar with the first ball to Charles, who plays a dot ball. He goes for a powerful straight drive next, but good fielding in the circle. Charles gets off the mark with a boundary via a pull shot. Lewis also opens his account with a couple, good running. West Indies 7/0, 1 over (Charles 5, Lewis 2)

The players are out in the middle, and here we go.

The match has been further delayed, and will start at 8:10 p.m IST. India bowlers can use this spare time to focus on how they want to bowl to Charles and Lewis, who were amazing in the first T20. Irrespective of whether Ashwin opens the bowling or the seamers, they have to improve upon their bowling performance.

7:45: Though the match might have been delayed by half an hour, cricket fans will hope that the second T20 is not short of excitement. With the number of big names in both camps, there should be plenty of fours and sixes in store for the fans. 

There is no clarity, but the match has been delayed. It is expected to start at 8p.m IST.

With no Chris Gayle, who also missed the 1st T20 due to an injury, Charles and Lewis will hope for another flying start, and unsettle the Indian bowlers like the way they did on Saturday. It remains to be seen if Dhoni will open the bowling with Ravichandran Ashwin, who has done so in the past. 

7:20: Playing XI for India and West Indies

India: RG Sharma, A Rahane, V Kohli, L Rahul, MS Dhoni (c, wk), R Ashwin, R Jadeja, A Mishra, B Kumar, M Shami, J Bumrah

West Indies: J Charles, E Lewis, M Samuels, L Simmons, A Fletcher (wk), K Pollard, A Russell, DJ Bravo, C Brathwaite (c)S Narine, S Badree

7:10: India wins toss, will bowl first. India have made one change as Amit Mishra replaces Stuart Binny. 

7:05: Top three players to watch out for India - Kohli, KL Rahul and Ravichandran Ashwin. Kohli might have had an off day in the first match of the series, but if we know anything about this Delhi batsman, he will be hungry for a match-winning knock in the second T20. However, many eyes will be on Rahul - can he play a similar knock, with elegance? If yes, boy, we are in for an amazing treat. 

 Top three players to watch out for West Indies - Johnson Charles, Evin Lewis and Sunil Narine. Though Lewis and Charles had a great day with the bat in the first T20,  Narine, who was hit for massive sixes, will be keen to get his A game.

Glimpses of India's run machine -- Virat Kohli -- ahead of the crucial second T20. 

6:45: Coming back to the 1st T20, which will not be easy to forget, it was a run-feast with batsmen from both the teams milking the opposition bowlers with their amazing willow work. Evin Lewis scored a magnificent ton, and KL Rahul replied back with an even amazing ton, which nearly helped India win a last ball thriller.

Even VVS Laxman enjoyed the match last night. 

It remains to be seen if one will see some insane batting like yesterday, where 32 sixes were hit. It is not only about the size of the field, but the groundsmen should be congratulated for preparing a fantastic track. What is in store for cricket fans on Sunday? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to International Business Times, India live blog coverage. This is Ashim Sunam here, and I will provide you with all the highs and lows from the India vs West Indies 2nd T20 clash. We are just an hour away from the first ball in Florida.

After a thriller in the first T20, which entertained fans to the hilt, one can expect another high-voltage drama in the second match. What makes the match interesting is the importance of second T20. India can draw the series level with a win while West Indies can clinch it if they manage to defeat MS Dhoni and co in the next few hours.