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Virat Kohli will be keen to score big against West Indies.IANS

It was heartbreak for India, and primarily KL Rahul, who scored a wonderful ton while chasing 246 runs to win, but they lost the match in the final ball against West Indies in the first T20 in Florida. India were favourites to win with eight runs required from last over, but Dwayne Bravo bowled wonderfully to concede six runs only to help West Indies win by one run. 

Earlier, Evin Lewis also scored a century for West Indies to play an important role in helping his team score 245 runs, which was always going to be a difficult chase for the other team. India batsmen performed well in the chase, but could not cross the finishing line. 

However, India can still draw the series level as they face West Indies for the second T20 on Sunday.

11:08: Bravo to bowl the final over. Samuels drops an easy catch, and Dhoni takes a single. Another single as Rahul hits the ball in the deep. Leg-bye and one run for India. They need five runs from three balls. The game is turning out to be an exciting one as India need four from two. Dhoni on strike, and the pair takes two runs. India has to score two runs from one ball for a win, and Samuels makes up for the drop catch by holding onto the important catch in the final ball. West Indies wins by one run.

11:03: Dhoni wants to take a couple from the first ball, but Rahul cannot return to the other end. Rahul completes his ton with an important six in the third man region. This is stunning century from the right-hander. Batting of the highest level as Rahul times the ball for a wonderful boundary. India 238/3, 19 overs (Rahul 108, Dhoni 40), require 8 runs from 6 balls.

10:57: Dhoni facing Bravo, and the captain whips the ball for a boundary. That was a full toss on Dhoni's pad, and any India batsmen will make such balls count for runs. Dhoni, and his running between the wickets is always stunning, takes a couple. Rahul is floored by Bravo's yorker, but takes a single. Dhoni keeps the strike with a single in the last ball. India 222/3, 18 overs (Rahul 94, Dhoni 39), require 24 runs from 12 balls.

10:51: Russell to Dhoni, who plays a dot ball. If Rahul and Dhoni are there till the end, India should emerge victorious. Dhoni hits a six, his trademark straight down the ground powerful shot. Second six of the over, and it is out of the park. That sound from Dhoni's bat, my god, it had six written all over it. Sensible as the skipper takes a single in the next ball. Rahul has taken his game to the next level as he plonks third six of the over for India. India 213/3, 17 overs (Rahul 94, Dhoni 31), require 33 runs from 18 balls.

10:43: Pollard into the attack for WI. Dhoni plays it fine and amazing running from the pair to complete three runs. This over has been good for WI, as India have not been able to hit a boundary in the first three balls. With no third man, Rahul finds the gap in the third man region for a four. This is some serious batting by Rahul. India 193/3, 16 overs (Rahul 88, Dhoni 18), require 53 runs from 24 balls.

10:38: Rahul, again, starts with a six in the third man region. Dhoni gives the strike back to Rahul, who is playing some incredible shots, and hits another one in the off-side for a couple. Rahul is limping as he is struck on the toe by Brathwaite's yorker. Handsome looking drive from Rahul, and the fielder in the deep cannot stop the ball from crossing the boundary line. India 182/3, 15 overs (Rahul 82, Dhoni 13), require 64 runs from 30 balls.

10:31:  Rahul is looking in brilliant form as he comes down the track to play an inside out shot for a six. He is being clever now as Rahul reverse sweeps the ball for a four behind the wicket. 10 runs from three balls, and good running to complete a couple. Again, another boundary by Rahul, who has to maintain this batting throughout this inning to help India win. India 168/3, 14 overs (Rahul 69, Dhoni 12), require 78 runs from 36 balls.

10:24: Dhoni uses his bottom hand to flick the ball in the vacant leg side for his first four. The skipper drives the ball brilliantly for a couple. Good start for Dhoni, who takes a single in the third ball. Dhoni uses his power to hit a powerful straight drive for two runs. India 150/3, 13 overs (Rahul 52, Dhoni 12), require 96 runs from 42 balls.

10:20: Dhoni comes to the middle. Can the skipper bring his A game? He gets off the mark. India 138/3, 12overs (Rahul 51, Dhoni 1), require 108 runs from 48 balls.

10:18: Rahul tries to pull the ball powerfully, but does not connect. The right-hander completes his half-century with a slash over point. 50 from 26 runs. He gives the strike to Rohit, who does not take a run after punching the ball straight to the fielder inside the circle. Rohit is gone as the batsman, while going for the maximum, is held in the deep. India 137/3

10:14: Rahul splits the field perfectly to start the over with a four. Brilliant batting from the batsman. Rohit does not middle it properly, but takes a single. Bravo is bowling well. Full toss from Bravo, Rohit pulls it for a beautiful six.  India 131/2, 11 overs (Rohit 62, Rahul 46), require 115 runs from 54 balls.

10:10: Lazy elegance from  Rohit, who hits the ball in the long on region. But, India run three as West Indies look sloppy on the field with over throws. JUST over the fence for a maximum. Rohit completes his half-century with a six. India 116/2, 10 overs (Rohit 53, Rahul 40), require 130 runs from 60 balls.

10:07: Two runs from two  balls, which also brings the 50-run partnership from 22 balls.  Rahul leg glances the ball for a deft boundary, and India also bring their 100 up with that boundary. One cannot believe it as Andre Russell drops a simple catch. Rahul is lucky. India 104/2, 9 overs (Rohit 43, Rahul 38)

10:04: Good running between the wickets as the pair completes a couple. Rohit hits through the line, and six runs is the result. Rohit is going strong as the batsman goes down in his knees for another maximum. India 96/2, 8 overs (Rohit 42, Rahul 31)

10p.m: This pair of Rohit and Rahul has to do most of the scoring from now on. Three runs from the first three balls, but this is not going to hurt WI. Rahul lofts the ball for a couple. Rahul dugs a yorker out, and somehow hits a four. Another one from Rahul, who drives the ball brilliantly for yet another boundary. India 80/2, 7 overs (Rohit 27, Rahul 30)

9:54: KL Rahul plays a sweep shot, and hits Sunil Narine for a boundary. This lad can play as he comes down the track and hits a lovely six. That is footwork for you. Good running as the pair completes a quick couple. Rahul places the ball brilliantly in the off-side for a  boundary. 16 runs from the over.  India 67/2, 6 overs (Rohit 25, Rahul 19)

9:50: KL Rahul gets off the mark with a couple in the leg-side, and follows it with a single. India 51/2, 5 overs (Rohit 25, Rahul 3)

9:48: Bravo to start his first over, and Kohli glides the ball in the third man region for a delicate boundary. Rohit misses out as Bravo bowls a full toss, but the Mumbai batsman only manages a single. Soft dismissal. Kohli is gone as he is caught by the wicket-keeper. India 48/2, 4.4 overs

9:44: Kohli, India's main man is in the middle. The batsman uses his wrist to hit his first four in the off-side. Kohli plays the ball in the air, lukcy that he did not hit it straight to the fielder. Another boundary as Kohli hits it straight down the ground. India 42/1, 4 overs (Rohit 24, Kohli 11)

9:39: Rahane flicks Russell for a boundary. The bowler follows it with a bouncer and it hits Rahane's helmet. He was ruffled by the high rising delivery. Rohit looks good as he takes another double. The right-hander helps the ball on its way for a good four. Ball gets too big on Rohit, who lofts the ball, but it lands safely.  Rahane is gone, as the batsman is caught amazingly in the deep by Bravo.  India 31/1, 3 overs (Rohit 24)

9:33: Samuel Badree to bowl the second over, and Rohit comes down the track, slashes hard to produce India's first boundary. Rohit hits a brilliant shot, inside out, for a one bounce four. Rahane wants a couple, but only manages one run. Another lofted shot from Rohit, who ends the over with a boundary.  India 19/0, 2 overs (Rohit 17, Rahane 2)

9:28: India openers -- Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane -- walk into the middle. Rohit Sharma finds the gap, and gets off the mark with a couple, takes a single the next ball. India have to start well. Rahane also scores his first run. India 5/0, 1 over (Rohit 4, Rahane 1)

India came back strongly in the last few overs, but they still have a huge task. Can Dhoni's team chase down the massive score?

India need 246 runs to win

9:10: Free-hit, and Pollard hits it long, for another six. Bumrah, after that six, is only bowling yorkers, and gets Pollard out. Two balls to go, and Lendl Simmons is gone as Bumrah bowls a cracking yorker. Bumrah on hat-trick as well, can he achieve the feat? Samuels on strike, and he denies the hat-trick, takes a single in the last ball. West Indies 245/6, 20 overs (Samuels 1, Bravo 1)

9:06: Bumrah bowls a no ball, but he runs out skipper Brathwaite.

9:04: Pollard skies the ball, but it lands safely. India are bowling well in the death, full and wide, nothing in the hitting zone, which is great from Bhuvi. As a result, they are not able to get under and hit those massive sixes. But Bhuvi changes his plan, and decides to bowl a slower one, and Pollard finds a way to connect it for a six. West Indies 235/3, 19 overs (Pollard 15, Brathwaite 14)

8:59: Bumrah to Pollard, who flicks the bowler for a couple. No ball from Bumrah and it is free-hit for West Indies. Can Brathwaite hit another maximum? He can slice the ball over point for a boundary. Brilliant yorker to Pollard, the ball goes through his legs to Dhoni. West Indies 225/3, 18 overs (Pollard 7, Brathwaite 13)

8:55: India bowlers have looked good in the last few overs, and have managed to control the run flow, which has helped them take wickets as well. Ah, I spoke too early as Brathwaite pulls a short ball for another six. Full toss from Shami and Brathwaite hits it to the sweeper position for a single. West Indies 215/3, 17overs (Pollard 3, Brathwaite 8)

8:51: Jadeja brings back India into the game with two quick wickets. West Indies 205/3, 16 overs (Pollard 1, Brathwaite 0)

8:50: Kieron Pollard joins Lewis in the middle. Another man, who can use his sheer muscle to power balls over the fence with ease. Lewis is gone as he mishits the ball while going for another maximum.  West Indies 205/3, 15.5 overs 

8:45: Jadeja to bowl. Five overs to go for the innings to end. Lewis completes his 100 runs from 48 balls. This innings has been right up there, studded with fours and sixes. Now, Russell is using his power to score quick runs, another boundary. But, Jadeja dismisses Russell, trapped LBW. West Indies 204/2, 15.3 overs

8:42: Shami starts with a yorker, one run to Lewis. Russell flexes his muscles for a huge hit in the leg side. Shami's response - full and wide to Russell, who only manages a single. Lewis seems to be playing for his century as he is taking singles, and has reached 99 runs. Shami's plan of working wide to Russell is working. West Indies 199/1, 15 overs (Lewis 99, Russell 18)

8:38: Russell sweeps Ashwin for a single in the first ball. Ashwin is mixing his balls well, and even Lewis is not able to strike big, just for two balls, as he sweeps for a maximum. Despite that six, only six runs from the over. West Indies 189/1, 14 overs (Lewis 97, Russell 11)

8:34: Bhuvi, like Ashwin, also starts his over well. One run from two balls, but Lewis slices a full toss square of the wicket for a boundary. Russell now gets into the act with a clean strike for a maximum. West Indies 181/1, 13 overs (Lewis 90, Russell 10)

8:28: Ashwin is trying to contain the West Indies batsmen, as he only concedes two runs in three balls. This is good bowling from Ashwin, who only gives four runs from the over. West Indies 168/1, 12 overs (Lewis 82, Russell 2)

8:24: Stuart Binny is welcomed to the US with a massive six by Lewis, who hits another six. It is raining sixes in Florida, and what can India do now? Three balls, and three sixes. Will he go for six sixes? Over extra cover for another six. This is the fourth one. Five sixes as Lewis pulls it for a maximum. Full toss, but he cannot hit that elusive six sixes. West Indies 164/1, 11 overs (Lewis 82, Russell 1)

8:19: Andre Russell is promoted up the order, and we know the reason why he is coming to bat at number three - to attack more. Lewis also completes his half-century with a wonderful hot in the off-side.West Indies 132/1, 10overs (Lewis 51, Russell 1)

8:15: Shami to bowl his second over. Fortune favours the brave as Lewis edges the ball for a boundary in the third man region. India finally mange to dismiss Charles, who plays on to his stumps. He scores an amazing 33 ball 79.  West Indies 126/1, 9.3 overs 

8:13: Charles splits the gap in the leg side to start the over with a boundary. He hits another six, and this is massive, out of the ground. Jadeja under huge pressure. The right-hander finishes with a six. This is insane batting from Charles.  West Indies 121/0, 9 overs (Charles 79, Lewis 41)

8:09: By the look of things, West Indies are on course for a massive total. Charles goes down in his knees and hits another six. He is showing no respect for the Indian spinner. Ashwin comes well after being hit for that maximum. West Indies 101/0, 8 overs (Charles 60, Lewis 40)

8:05: Jadeja into action. He is greeted with another six, as Lewis hits it with the turn. Man, what have these WI batsmen eaten for breakfast? Another six. Lewis hits it striaght down the ground. West Indies 91/0, 7 overs (Charles 51, Lewis 39)

8:01: Ashwin into the attack. Can he stop the run flow? That is good start from the off-spinner, who has just conceded two runs from his first three balls, but Charles smashes him for a straight six, another massive hit from the batsman. He completes his half-century in 20 balls. West Indies 78/0, 6 overs (Charles 51, Lewis 26)

7:56: Lewis takes on Jasprit, and smashes him for a six. Pressure on the bowler, who is slashed on the off-side for another boundary. That sound from the bat had six written all over it, as Charles hits a six on the leg-side. 18 runs from the over.  West Indies 64/0, 5 overs (Charles 38, Lewis 25)

7:52: West Indies have started brilliantly, and India are in a serious need to break this partnership. Lewis is lukcy as he top edges the ball, but it falls safe, and takes a couple. Cheeky shot from Charles, who paddles Bhuvi for a boundary, and another four in the same region. West Indies 46/0, 4 overs (Charles 31, Lewis 14)

7:48: Dhoni brings on Jasprit Bumrah. Lewis gets into the act, and pulls him straight down the ground for two runs. But, he connects the next ball well for his first boundary. The batting surface looks good, as the ball is coming well. KL Rahul dives and saves a sure boundary.  West Indies 33/0, 3 overs (Charles 21, Lewis 11)

7:43: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the second over. The bowler starts well, only concedes one run from the first three balls. Charles is taking his chances, another boundary via a top edge. The batsman comes down the track, Charles misses.  West Indies 24/0, 2overs (Charles 21, Lewis 2)

7:38: Mohammed Shami with the first over as he runs to bowl, and Johnson Charles at the other end. The pacer starts with a wide, and beats the right-hander outside the off-stump the next ball. Charles gets off the mark with an amazing six, straight down the ground, follows it with a flick for a boundary. Charles looks in sensational form, as he finishes the over with another four. West Indies 17/0, 1 over (Charles 15, Lewis 1)

Both teams set for their respective national anthem before the match gets underway

Playing XI: India - RG Sharma, L Rahul, V Kohli, A Rahane, MS Dhoni, S Binny, R Ashwin, R Jadeja, M Shami, J Bumrah, B Kumar

West Indies - J Charles, A Fletcher, E Lewis, M Samuels, L Simmons, K Pollard, A Russell, DJ Bravo, C Brathwaite, S Narine, S Badree

Are you ready? We are just few minutes away from the first ball. 

7:15: Fans in US might be disappointed as Chris Gayle will not feature in the first T20 due to an injury. While India has decided to go with KL Rahul as opener, and not Shikhar Dhawan.

7:08: Pitch report: The playing surface is quite hard, and the ball should come onto bat. Hence, the star batsmen in both the teams will hope to deliver the goods. 

MS Dhoni wins toss, and India will bowl first. No surprise there, India are a strong chasing side. 

7 p.m: There were talks of rain playing spoilsport in Florida, but as of now, the weather looks good.

With players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma (all India), Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Lendl Simmons (West Indies), one can expect a run feast in the US. 

6:45 p.m: India should be a confident unit after their impressive performance in the Test series, but they are aware of the strong West Indies side, who are an amazing T20 side. Remember, they are the world champions, and comprise of huge match-winners. Fans are present in huge numbers.

Hello everyone. Welcome to International Business Times, India live blog coverage. This is Ashim Sunam here, and I will provide you with all the highs and lows from the India vs West Indies 1st T20 clash. We are just 75 minutes away from the first ball in Florida.

With the number of world-class stars in both the teams, the match is expected to be an entertaining affair. Can MS Dhoni and his boys entertain the fans in US?