India Test captain Virat Kohli smashed his 11th Test century in 34 matches against Sri Lanka in the first Test of the three-match series at the Galle International Stadium on Thursday. 

This definitely impressed the former India captain, Sourav Ganguly and to an extent that he went on to compare Kohli's aggression to the Argentine footballing legend Diego Maradona.

Maradona, who is regarded as one of the best footballers of all time, was known for his passion for the game and aggression on an off the field. He was instrumental in helping his country to win the 1986 FIFA World Cup and also propelled his side to the Final of the next version as well. 

"Diego Maradona is one of my all-time favourite sportspersons. Every time he played you could see the passion in his heart. I see the same thing in Virat Kohli. I love his body language and am a big fan of his (Kohli's).

"It's about passion. I have got lot of faith in Kohli. Whatever I've seen of him -on the ground or on TV, it gives me a lot of confidence," Ganguly told the reporters in Kolkata on Thursday.

Kohli now has four Test centuries in four Test matches as a captain of the Indian Test team and that indeed is an incredible record. One would believe that his hunger for runs will keep him in the hunt and the numbers will keep on adding. Ganguly, who was also known for his passion and aggression, said that he is a big fan of Kohli. 

"He is always hungry for runs, he wants to compete and win. He has now got four hundreds from four Tests, which I think is a fabulous sign," Ganguly added.