India A head coach Rahul Dravid believes that captain Virat Kohli will do well in the tour of Sri Lanka, which starts from 6 August, with a warm up game in Colombo. Dravid also went on to back Kohli's aggression and said that people who have succeeded in the game of cricket have always been aggressive.

"I think you have to be who you are. The beauty of this game is that it allows different people to succeed. Most people who succeed in this game over a period of time are aggressive. It is just that they show it differently. Some are more expressive and some are not," Dravid told reporters.

This will be Kohli's first full tour as the captain of Team India's Test team. Earlier, he had decided to play in the four-day unofficial Test match in Chennai for India A against Australia A where he scored 61 runs in two innings. 

Dravid had heaped praise on Kohli for that decision. He had said that it showed the intent of the player who wants to do well in the upcoming tour of Sri Lanka. 

"I would just say that every tour is important. I don't think we need to make this more important. Every international tour is important. As much as you can put a spin. So he has to try and do the best he can. He can only work with the team he has got and focus on getting the best out of them."

"Sometimes things will not go well and sometimes it will. He is obviously very keen and hardworking. So it was be great for him to come in and play a game here. The time he spend here will do him a world of good. He is keen, excited and looking towards doing well," added the India A coach.

During the four-day unofficial Test match against Australia A, Kohli got the time to discuss about the game in length with Dravid. Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara were the only two batsmen out of the Team India Test squad that got the time and game to prepare for the forthcoming tour. However, Dravid refused to tell reporters what he discussed with the two Indian batsmen.

"I am not going to be discussing technical issues of an individual with the media. We are constantly in conversation with Pujara, talking and working on a few things. It is nothing drastic or major. He (Pujara) just needs some time in the middle," the former Indian captain said.