Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli, most of the time, plays normal cricket shots to score runs in all formats.IANS

Virat Kohli has become the toast of the nation with his incredible batting performances in the last couple of years. The right-hander has helped India win a number of matches, scoring runs like no other. The same was witnessed in the last ODI against New Zealand, where he scripted a wonderful ton to help India win the match in Mohali. 

Kohli loves to dominate the bowling, and attack the bowlers. But, his batting approach is different as he plays normal cricket shots to score runs all around the park with great efficiency and consistency. With the advent of T20, many batsmen of today play slog shots to score quick runs, but Kohli stays away from it, which makes former India captain Sunil Gavaskar sing huge praise for the India Test captain.

"That's the beauty of Virat Kohli's batting. It's so pleasing to see Virat scoring all those runs without playing any crude shots and using all cricketing shots. Obviously, some of the shots will go up in the air but he does it in a way that purists won't cringe at his slogging," NDTV Sports quoted Gavaskar as saying.

If we analyse Kohli's innings of 154 runs in the third ODI, he scored runs quickly, and also played aerial shots. But all of those were cricket shots, mostly showing full face of the bat to the ball.

Kohli, while batting, makes scoring look so easy as he can pierce the gap brilliantly to hit a boundary. He also takes occasional risks, lifting the ball in the air, but calculates perfectly to hit it over the fielder to perfection. Due to such skills, Gavaskar also compares Kohli's mind to computer.

"Kohli's mind is like computer. It gauges where the fielders are easily and helps him clear the in-fielders easily," Gavaskar said.