India vs England

This has the prospect of being one of the most interesting contests of the tournament. England are desperate for a victory as a loss here could spell the end for them in this tournament. However, the Indian side have been unbeaten till now and except for the match against Afghanistan have won all their games convincingly. So, it will be a clash of two strong sides who will go all out for victory. Amongst all the games of the World Cup, this holds the greatest potential and may well turn out to be the most keenly contested. 

The return of Jason Roy would give a big boost to England as their opening partnership has been floundering so far. But with Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami opening the innings with the ball for India, getting through the first ten overs without losing a wicket would be very difficult. So, get ready for a high-voltage contest. 

Live Updates

2019-06-3023:07 (IST)

India suffer their first defeat of World Cup

India have suffered their first loss of 2019 World Cup to hosts England after their innings ended at 306/5, thereby consigning them to a 31 run defeat. 

2019-06-3022:59 (IST)

51 needed off 2 overs, India sink slowly to defeat

With Dhoni looking like he has given up the ghost and Jadhav unable to play big shots, India are on their way to recording their first loss of the tournament. 

2019-06-3022:51 (IST)

England's tactics against Dhoni working, India need 62 off 4

The tactic of bowling short, slower deliveries to MS Dhoni is working beautifully for England as the game is almost out of India's reach with 62 out 4 overs. MSD doesn't seem to be able to get boundaries regularly as England are taking pace off the ball and not bowling the lengths which are easy to hit. 

2019-06-3022:45 (IST)

71 off 5 needed for India

The required rate for India has gone through the roof as the Men in Blue need 71 off 5 overs. Jadhav and Dhoni are at the crease at the latter is not looking capable of striking the big shots required. 

2019-06-3022:42 (IST)

Plunkett gets Pandya!

With every delivery being a slower ball, Indian batsmen were having difficulty timing the ball and despite conceding a boundary, Plunkett persisted with this tactic in the 45th over. The fifth ball of the over the wicket of Pandya as he tried to clear the long  on boundary but failed. 

2019-06-3022:37 (IST)

Archer concedes just five, pressure mounts on India

Jofra Archer used slower deliveries to provide no pace to India to work with and kept the runs to just five in his 8th over. 

2019-06-3022:35 (IST)

Archer back with 7 overs remaining

Jofra Archer is back into the attack with India needing 83 runs off 7 overs. Can England's yorker specialist do the work for them?

2019-06-3022:22 (IST)

India need 104 off last 10

It has come down to this. India need 104 runs off the last 10 overs and they have Pandya and Dhoni at the crease. England have three overs each of Archer and Woakes remaining while Plunkett has one left. Wood has two overs left as well while Stokes has six in the kitty. 

2019-06-3022:09 (IST)

Pandya blazes away as India launch the final assault

Hardik Pandya, who replaced Rohit Sharma at the wicket, has started to demonstrate his hitting ability by smashing Chris Woakes for three boundaries in the 39th over. If Pandya bats for five more overs, India are the clear favourites. They still need around 110 runs in 11 overs. 

2019-06-3021:56 (IST)

Woakes returns and gets Rohit

In what could be the turning point of India's innings, Chris Woakes, returning to bowl his second spell, got Rohit Sharma out on the very first ball that he bowled in this spell. It was a wide bouncer that a tired looking Rohit attempted to pull but got the toe end of the bat and the edge was well taken by the wicket keeper. India are now 202/3 and need to score at 10/over in the last 14 overs. 

2019-06-3021:51 (IST)

Rohit completes his most scratchy hundred

Rohit Sharma completed the most unusual hundred of his career. Normally, a century by the Mumbai batsman is studded with the most glorious drives and pulls. This innings, on the other hand, was full of mistimed strokes and even a dropped catch right at the begining. But he is still out there and could well take India to another victory, their best of the tournament so far. 

2019-06-3021:15 (IST)

England get Kohli out!

England finally managed to get the big wicket of Virat Kohli as the Indian batsman flashed at a wide delivery from Liam Plunkett and gave a catch to point. He was looking in superb form and another hundred seemed iminent but his wicket now opens the Indian middle order up with Pant, Jadhav and Dhoni to come. India are at 146 in the 29th over. 

2019-06-3021:10 (IST)

Jofra Archer back into the attack, England desperate for wickets

Eoin Morgan has brought back their chief strike bowler Archer into the attack. With 40 runs of the last 5 overs, India are starting to assert themselves in the game and England are in desperate need of a wicket. Archer could be the man to provide that breakthrough. 

2019-06-3021:03 (IST)

Rohit unleashing himself after showing great patience

In the 26th over of India's innings, the Rohit Sharma has shown his destructive self by hitting three successive boundaries. It wasn't just the fact that they were fours but the timing on them that should worry the English bowlers. It was the sort of perfect timing that Sharma is famous for. Is this the turning point of the match?

2019-06-3021:01 (IST)

India are 120/1 at half-way mark

25 overs have been bowled and India have scored 120 runs with the loss of just one wicket. The runs are fewer than what Kohli and his team would have wanted but the two best Indian batsmen are at the crease and have settled down. So, England won't be sitting comfortably. 

2019-06-3020:52 (IST)

India reach 100 in 22nd over

After scoring very slowly in the first 15 overs, India have gained some pace to reach the 100-run mark in the 22nd over. Rohit has reached his fifty with a lofted cover drive off Rashid. The Mumbai batsman has taken 65 balls and has raised his strike rate to 80. 

2019-06-3020:46 (IST)

Rohit starts to open up with two boundaries off Rashid

After struggling for most part of his innings, it seems like Rohit Sharma is starting to get his rhythm. He struck two boundaries in the 21st over which was bowled by Adil Rashid. The first lofted shot wasn't timed but was played in an empty region. If Sharma starts to get going, things could get very difficult for England. 

2019-06-3020:43 (IST)

It all depends on Virat Kohli

The way Virat Kohli is batting suggests he is in the prime of form. The Indian captain has reached another fifty in this World Cup and is looking good for his first hundred of the tournament. Since Rohit is batting at a strike rate of less than 70, everything seems to be riding on Kohli as far as India are concerned. 

2019-06-3020:39 (IST)

Rashid brought into the attack, key phase of the game

England have introduced Adil Rashid into the attack. It is very likely that Indian batsmen would look to attack him since the pacers are doing well. Watch this space, something is going to happen. 

2019-06-3020:01 (IST)

Archer and Woakes strangle India in first 10

India have managed to score just 28 runs in the first 10 overs due to immaculate discipline from the English bowlers Woakes and Archer. There have been very few deliveries that the batsmen could attack and they forced Kohli to charge at the bowler in the 10th over. 

2019-06-3019:32 (IST)

Rahul falls to Woakes in third over

KL Rahul, who hasn't found his groove in this World Cup so far, disappointed again by being dismissed in the third over of the Indian innings. The right-hander went for a shot on the leg-side and ended up getting a leading edge that the bowler Woakes was able to take easily. 

2019-06-3019:29 (IST)

Root drops Rohit in second over

The two most important batsmen in the Indian batting line-up are Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli and their wickets would be key to success for England. But the hosts have already given a life to Rohit with Joe Root dropping an easy catch in the second slip off the bowling of Archer. 

2019-06-3018:52 (IST)

Stokes' brilliant 79 takes England to 337

Thanks to a brilliant innings from Ben Stokes that only came to an end in the last over thanks to Bumrah's brilliance, England have posted a total of 337 in their 50 overs. India's highest successful chase in World Cups is 288 against Zimbabwe. Safe to say, game on. 

2019-06-3018:40 (IST)

Shami gets a five-for

Shami picked up the wicket of Chris Woakes with another bouncer. This took him to a five-for in this match. He has been brilliant in this match and is now on a hat-trick. 

2019-06-3018:35 (IST)

Shami gets Buttler with three overs remaining, after conceding 17

Jos Buttler was looking in ominous form for India and had hit two sixes already but then he got a top edge to a bouncer from Mohammad Shami on the last ball of the 47th over to be dismissed. This is an invaluable wicket for India as with Buttler at the crease, all bets would have been off. But the question is, has the damage been already done?

2019-06-3018:29 (IST)

England aim for 330 in the last five overs

Bumrah will bowl three of the last five overs. The 46th over went for just four runs and England are 293/4. They will look to score at least enough to get to 330. With Stokes in great form and Buttler already looking dangerous, it's going to be a thrilling finish. 

2019-06-3018:22 (IST)

Root's wicket brings Buttler in, England would be happy

Joe Root got out in the 45th over after playing an important innings. However, England won't mind it as that brings in their most destructive batsman Jos Buttler. 

2019-06-3018:00 (IST)

Stokes and Root look to press the accelerator as innings enters last 10 overs

Ben Stokes struck a four and an incredible switch-hit six in the 40th over to signal his intentions for the last ten overs. With England just 3 down and the score at 245, England would be looking to get to at leats 325. Bumrah has five overs left, so it won't be as easy to score of these last ten as usual. 

2019-06-3017:39 (IST)

Shami turns the game around for India

Mohammad Shami may have been unlucky in his first spell but he produced two highly important wickets for his team in his fiery second one. The wicket of Bairstow was expected and was brought about by some good bowling from the other end as well. The English opener was tied up and was dismissed looking for a big hit. But then he bowled dot balls to Eoin Morgan and then bowled a wide bouncer to get Morgan to top edge and get dismissed. 

England have slowed down considerably since the 30th over and now have Root, who is batting conservatively, and a new batsman in Ben Stokes at the crease. There is a great chance for Men in Blue to strike some other blows and derail England's innings. 

2019-06-3017:21 (IST)

Bairstow's innings comes to an end, India have an opening

Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root were having difficulty in the last couple of overs in getting a boundary. Virat brought his best bowler of the day Shami back into the attack. In trying to revive their offensive against Indian bowlers, Bairstow hold out at deep cover looking for a big score. England are still in a very strong position with the score reading 205/2 in 31.4 overs. 

2019-06-3017:06 (IST)

England en route to 400

The England batting order is finally batting in the way we are used to seeing them. They are about to get to 200 in less than 30 overs and have lost just one wicket. They have their sheet anchor Joe Root and Bairstow has already completed his hundred. This is the same side that scored 481 against Australia last year. None of the Indian bowlers have been able to trouble England very much. This means that a score of 400 is well within the reach of the home side. When one considers that they have the likes of Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler to come, the prospects look very grim for the Kohli's team.  

2019-06-3016:58 (IST)

Jonny Bairstow gets to his hundred

Jonny Bairstow completed his century on the last ball of the 26th over with a single off the bowling of Pandya. The Yorkshireman took just 90 balls to get to the mark and decorated his innings with 8 fours and 6 sixes. It is very likely that he would give up the slightly cautious approach for a more aggressive mode. 

2019-06-3016:51 (IST)

Bumrah brought back for a key spell

After getting the wicket of Jason Roy, Virat Kohli decided to bring back his chief strike bowler Bumrah into the attack. This is very important because Bumrah's skills of bowling well in the death overs are renowned. Therefore, India will like to keep a good deal of his overs for the end of the innings when he might be up against the likes of Buttler. Since Bumrah didn't bowl too many overs in the front, he had six left of which one has been consumed. England would be happy to eat up some of Bumrah's overs in the middle. 

2019-06-3016:43 (IST)

India finally get a breakthrough thanks to 12th man Jadeja

After conceding 160 runs in 22 overs, India finally managed to get their first breakthrough when Jason Roy holed out at long-on against Kuldeep Yadav. But the main credit must go to the man who took the catch - 12th man Ravindra Jadeja - who needed to run and dive in order to complete the catch. The ball was hit straight and Jadeja ran from his normal long on position and dived forward to take the catch. 

2019-06-3016:29 (IST)

England launch savage attack on KulCha

Indian spinners Kuldeep and Chahal have been brilliant in this tournament but Roy and Bairstow are treating them brutally with incredible hitting. The two spinners have been repeatedly pumped for sixes as well as regular boundaries. Kuldeep's economy rate is at 12/over from 3 overs while Chahal has gone for 8 and a half. Kohli has been forced to bring back Pandya into the attack. 

2019-06-3016:14 (IST)

England go full blast against India, cross 100 mark for no loss

After having a very lucky break where Jason Roy managed to survive a caught behind appeal, the English openers decided to put their foot down and launch a full-powered assault on the Indian bowlers. Roy and Bairstow are now getting boundaries in every over and not having too much difficulty in clearing the ropes as well. The hosts reached their hundred in just the 16th over after having scored 47 in first ten. Bairstow has gone past his fifty and struck two sixes in the this over, the last before drinks. Spinners are proving very expensive for India. 

2019-06-3016:01 (IST)

Lucky escape frees up Roy and England up the ante

As soon as Roy got the lucky escape due to India not taking a review, England decided to go after the Indian bowlers. Roy hit a six and four immediately after and then in Chahal's next over, England again looked to go for some boundaries but Chahal's skills stopped them. But then in Pandya's next over, consecutive boundaries were struck by Bairstow. Ominous signs for India. 

2019-06-3015:55 (IST)

India miss the wicket of Roy by not taking review

In a very important moment of the match, India captain Virat Kohli decided not to review an appeal against Jason Roy for caught behind. The replays and snickometer, however, showed that Roy did get a glove on the ball that was going down the leg side and he tried to pull. The next two deliveries went for a six and four respectively. The luck is favouring England.

2019-06-3015:51 (IST)

England win the first ten overs

Even though they have scored just 47 runs, England can be easily declared the winners of the first ten overs of the India vs England match. There were lucky breaks for England as two inside-edges of Jonny Bairstow missed the stumps while some deliveries beat the outside edge but still, England openers Roy and Bairstow managed to not only keep Indians at bay but also score runs at a decent clip. The introduction of spin also didn't have any adverse impact on the Englishmen as they put away Chahal for a couple of good boundaries. 

2019-06-3015:31 (IST)

Bumrah changes ends

Bumrah is now bowling from a different end after proving ineffective in his first two overs. Sourav Ganguly has already announced that, according to him, this is the better end for him. But Roy and Bairstown now look much more settled. 

2019-06-3015:27 (IST)

Chahal introduced in the attack in the sixth over

Virat Kohli made a very interesting move of bringing on Yuzvendra Chahal in the sixth over itself. This would be a very interesting contest as English batsmen like to go after spinners early on and Bairstow hit Chahal for a six over long on on the third ball of the over. 

2019-06-3015:23 (IST)

Bairstow gets going with with boundary and good luck

After some struggles early on, Jonny broke the shackles with a flick off the leg stump against Bumrah and then got another inside-edge past the stumps for four to up his strike rate. It seems Bairstow is finally getting into his stride. Good news for England. 

2019-06-3015:17 (IST)

Bairstow's struggles while Roy seems assured

While Roy got off to a great start with two boundaries in the first over, his partner Bairstow is having a tough time getting runs. Both Shami and Bumrah are causing him troubles. This could create problems for Roy as well. If the latter doesn't get strike due to Jonny not getting singles, he could come under pressure and attempt a big hit. Keep watching. 

2019-06-3015:05 (IST)

Roy gets England off to rocking start in first over

The impact of Jason Roy was immediately visible as he scored 9 runs of Shami's very first over of the match. Perhaps, this is the boost India needed. 

2019-06-3014:46 (IST)

England bat first after winning toss; Pant replaces Shankar, Roy back for England

In what could be a major moment in the game, England captain Eoin Morgan has won the toss and elected to bat first. Considering the high pressure in this game and the fact that all the losses incurred by England have come while chasing, batting first would be a huge advantage for the hosts. They have also got Jason Roy back into the team which will strengthen their batting and have replaced Moeen Ali with Liam Plunkett, something their captain described as a tactical move. Perhaps they feel that India won't have any difficulty against a spinner so have opted for a fast bowler who can bowl good bouncers.