Paul Reiffel Umpire
The England physio attends to umpire Paul Reiffel after accidentally being hit on the head by the ball, December 8, 2016Reuters

One of the things you do not want to do out on the field as a bowler is get on the umpire's wrong side. After all, all lbw decisions and those close caught-behinds are given, first, by the on-field umpire, so Bhuvneshwar Kumar will be hoping Paul Reiffel is not someone that holds too much of a grudge for too long.

In the 49th over, with England looking to build a partnership after losing Joe Root to R Ashwin, Jennings flicked one to square-leg off the India off-spinner to get to within 11 runs of a hundred on Test match debut.

It should have been a normal single, with Ashwin getting ready to bowl to Moeen Ali, trying to get the left-hander one more time, but instead, as Bhuvneshwar threw the ball back, it hit Paul Reiffel, the umpire standing at square-leg, on the back of the head/neck area.

The incident did not look too bad on the replay, with the ball only lobbed up by Bhuvneshwar towards Cheteshwar Pujara, who was running towards square-leg to collect the ball for some reason, but it clearly shook Reiffel, a mean fast bowler for Australia in his playing days, with the umpire needing some considerable treatment on the field, before being taken out, when it became clear he was too dazed and in no position to umpire a Test match.

That meant third umpire Marais Erasmus had to come down to take over the on-field duties. Reiffel was taken for a scan, and those scans, thankfully, revealed nothing. The Australian went back to his hotel for the day, and has been advised rest for the remaining Test match.

Bhuvneshwar had a sheepish look as the events unfolded, but there can be no blame attached to him really, it was just one of those weird things that happen on a cricket field.

Watch the unfortunate incident HERE