Hardik Pandya India Bangladesh World T20 2016
Hardik Pandya and India go crazy after defeating Bangladesh in dramatic circumstancesIANS

India pulled off one of their most thrilling T20 international wins, holding their nerve brilliantly in the end to beat Bangladesh by one run in the ICC World T20 2016.

After 39 overs of will-they-oh-no-Bangladesh-are-going-to-win mundanity, the game came down to the final six balls, which was bowled by Hardik Pandya.

Here is how that ridiculous final over went.

First ball (Bangladesh need 11 from 6 balls): Pandya bowls it wide and full and Mahmudullah gets down on one knee to slice the ball to deep point for a single.

Second ball (Bangladesh need 10 from 5 balls): Length ball, well wide of outside offstump, Mushfiqur Rahim moves outside off and clubs the ball through the offside. The ball beats the man at extra cover and runs through for a boundary. Pandya looks on despairingly.

Third ball (Bangladesh need 6 from 4 balls): More communication between captain MS Dhoni, veteran Ashish Nehra and bowler Pandya. Length ball again from Pandya, Mushfiqur waits for it, and double hits the ball past the left of Dhoni for a boundary. A wave of the bat celebration follows from the batsman.

Fourth ball (Bangladesh need 2 from 3 balls): Back of a length delivery from Pandya on the stumps. Mushfiqur goes for the pull shot to try and finish off the game, but finds Shikhar Dhawan at midwicket.

Fifth ball (Bangladesh need 2 runs from 2 balls): Mahmudullah on strike after the batsman cross. Pandya bowls a low full toss and Mahmudullah's eyes light up. He goes for a big shot over midwicket, but watches on in horror as Jadeja runs in to take a smart catch.

Sixth ball (Bangladesh need 2 runs from 1 ball): Plenty of discussion over what to do, and pretty much the entire team have their say. Pandya is asked to bowl short to Shuvagata Hom, and he does just that, short and wide, Hom misses the ball, the ball runs through to Dhoni, who ready for just that, had removed his right glove. However, the India captain decides against throwing down the stumps, and instead runs up to it and whips the bails off, with Mustafizur Rahman tearing down from the non-striker's end to try and get into the crease in time. There was never any doubt really who would win the sprint, with Mustafizur falling short by a few inches to hand India a victory by a single run.

Watch the highlights of that stunning last over HERE