India and China are in the midst of a border crisis. While China its pushing its propaganda in efforts to smear India's image on a global platform, India is making more meaningful preparations. Only days after completing testing of BrahMos, India's new supersonic cruise missile, the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) test-fired of its advanced Shaurya missile.

The successful testing was done off the coast of Odisha. The Shaurya missile would be indicted int the strategic forces, complementing the existing missiles in the same class.

Shaurya missile

The new version of nuclear-capable Shaurya missile can strike targets at around 800 kms. The missile is lighter and easier to operate as compared to the existing ones, ANI quoted sources as saying.

Missile test fired
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One of the most interesting facts about the Shaurya missile is that it moves at hypersonic speeds in the last phase of moving close to the target. This gives the missile stealth and could render rival's defences useless.

India upgrading its arsenal

The news of BrahMos demonstrated how India is strengthening its arsenal as conflict with China is sensitive. We recently covered the fascinating facts that make BrahMos - a joint venture between India and Russia - the ultimate force to reckon with. With Shaurya missile joining the arsenal, India gains a strategic advantage over China and Pakistan in view of border conflicts.