Virat Kohli RCB
RCB, led by Virat Kohli, are the team to beat in the IPL 2016 playoffs. Pictured: Kohli fields during an IPL 2016 match against KKR, May 16, 2016.IANS

The game of cricket has come a long way as players need to follow a strict fitness regime to remain in perfect shape. The demands of the gentleman's sport have also increased with the advent of T20, which requires fit players throughout the match. Virat Kohli is a perfect example of a fitness freak, who gradually understood the importance of being in impeccable physical form after IPL 2012.

Even since, Kohli has been hitting the gym quite regularly, and Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper, David Warner was impressed with this workout schedule during IPL 2016 as well.

Kohli, in order to become a better cricketer, even changed his lifestyle, and has come by leaps and bounds. The India batsman's performance on the field, running hard between the wickets, diving athletically all around the park, are all fruits of his hard labour in the gym.

"There was a time after Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012 when I started concentrating on my fitness. I changed my lifestyle after this year. I never listened to my body before 2012. But, I gradually realised that if I want to compete in the international cricket scene and want to sustain for a long time then getting fit is the key," The Statesman quoted Kohli as saying.

"I never wanted to be an average player and realised that to achieve high standards I need to make changes in my lifestyle," he added.

Even when he is not busy playing cricket, he follows a strictly healthy diet. "Even during my off days now, I don't eat unhealthy food and that has helped me to be disciplined in life. I was never a quick fielder and was never comfortable fielding at any position. But now my mind is tuned to do anything. Being physically fit makes me feel light and believe that I can compete against anyone and face any bowler," Kohli said.

I never wanted to be an average player and realised that to achieve high standards I need to make changes in my lifestyle," Virat Kohli said.

The India captain has been away from competitive cricket with the conclusion of IPL 2016, where he finished as the highest-run scorer. The Delhi batsman has been one of the standout performers for India in the last couple of months, and has helped India win a number of matches as well.

Now, the fittest India cricketer must be in perfect shape for the upcoming tour of the West Indies starting next month, where Kohli will lead the national side.