Australia and New Zealand will be playing the historic day and night Test match at The Adelaide Oval from Friday, 27 November, and most importantly, the game will be played with the pink ball. 

Team India Test captain Virat Kohli is right behind this idea of day/night Test match and he too wants to play with the pink ball in near future. 

"It is a landmark Test. It is a big experiment. It is a big step towards changing something in Test cricket. I hope it works. I hope it can be another option as well. I'm glad two teams have actually agreed to play an official Test like that as an experiment," Kohli told the reporters on the eve of the third Test match between India and South Africa in Nagpur. 

"Credit to Australia and New Zealand, both, that they have decided to do this. Hopefully it will be better for the game. It will be a step which we all might remember few years down the line. Let's hope so."

The much-anticipated pink-ball Test match will test the cricketers as there has been a debate over the feasibility of the day/night Tests. New Zealand opening batsman Martin Guptill had stated a couple of days ago that spotting the pink ball during the sunset might be problematic if you are fielding, otherwise there is no issue with the ball as such. Just like Guptill, Kohli also felt that this is a positive move in order to develop and draw fans' interests towards the longest format of the game.

"As I said, it is a step towards something. If it is officially put into place it will be something different, it will be something exciting. As cricketers we all should be willing and accepting of the fact that we need to step forward and contribute to the game however possible. If this is a step towards improving the excitement and the popularity of Test cricket, then I think every team should be in for it," Kohli added.

Kohli has not played with the pink ball but he is eager to play with it in the near future. He was the first Indian cricketer to comment on the day/night pink-ball Test match. He also admitted that his opinions are based on what he heard from other players who have been involved already with the pink-ball Test.

"I have heard a few of the players giving feedback on playing with the pink ball. The only thing that they were concerned about is that during twilight it is hard to pick up the ball. During the day it was still fine. And at night it was okay as well, but when the floodlights are not sort of on and the sun is going down is when they found it very difficult," Kohli concluded.