Indra 2016
Indian soldiers demonstrate their skills during the India, Russia joint military exercises, Indra 2016.Twitter/adgpi

The joint military exercise between India and Russia, which is being held at Ussuriysk in Russia is progressing well. The exercise started on September 23 and will end in the first week of October.

The exercise has 400 soldiers from both the sides participating in it. The Indian side is represented by the Kumaon Regiment and the Russian side by 59th Motorised Infantry Brigade.

Both the countries participated in an impressive opening ceremony some days back.

The joint military drill is being held under the United Nations (UN) mandate and concentrates on counter-terrorism operation in semi-mountainous and jungle terrain.

These exercises are designed to achieve interoperability in joint operations between the two armed forces.

Meanwhile, Russia, for the first time, is also conducting joint military exercises with its Cold War rival Pakistan.