Indra 2016
Indian contingent of 250 soldiers have arrived at Vladivostok for joint military exercise with Russia.Facebook/ADGPI

India and Russia have begun joint military exercise in the Eastern Russian district of Ussiriysk in Vladivostok. This is the eighth such exercise between the two armed forces.

This joint military exercise, known as Indra 2016, will see the participation of 250 soldiers from India's Kumaon regiment and a similar strength of solders from the Russian 59th Motorised Infantry Brigade.

The joint exercise will focus on counter-terrorism operations in semi-mountainous and jungle terrain. The bilateral exercise is being held under the United Nations mandate.

The joint exercise will include 11 days-long comprehensive training programme so that the two sides gain acquaintance with each other's methods and how they conduct anti-terror operations. Both the sides will try to achieve interoperability in joint operations.

After the Indian contingent landed for the joint exercise, the two sides held an impressive opening ceremony that included a marching session. Brigadier Sukrit Chadah, the Indian Contingent Commander, addressed the gathering and resolved to advance friendship and the need to defeat terrorism, according to a statement.

On the Russian side, Maj Gen Andrei Ivanovich Sichevoe, COS 5th Army from the Russian Army and Voz, vice governor Primosski krai province, addressed the gathering. The exercises are scheduled to end on 2 October 2016.