India ranked third in terms of total accidents, across 199 countries as reported in the World Road Statistics of the International Road Federation. India'sincidence of accidents are 36 per lakh people which, according to the government, is much lesser than that of many developed and developing countries.

In a written reply to a question of Congress member Hibi Eden, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari said that 4,49,002 road accidents were reported in the country in the year 2019.

The main reasons attributed to the high incidence of road accidents in the country are overspeeding, poor enforcement, and quality of vehicles, etc.

Tamil Nadu tops in road accidents, UP in death rate

The per data shared by the Minister, Tamil Nadu topped in road accidents in Indian with 57,228 accidents in the year 2019, followed by Madhya Pradesh 50,669, Uttar Pradesh 42,572, Kerala 41,111, Karnataka 40,658, Maharashtra 32, 925.

As for deaths, due to road accidents are concerned, Uttar Pradesh was on the top in the year 2019. Out of a total of 53,872 deaths due to road accidents in the country, Uttar Pradesh recorded 8,830 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu 3,956, Rajasthan 3,870, and Karnataka 3,842.

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Death rate of India is lesser than in other countries

"A comparison of select indicators published in World Road Statistics, 2018' of International Road Federation has been undertaken to position India viz-a-viz other countries in terms of road accidents and corresponding number person killed, injured and rates per lakh people", the minister said and informed the House.

"India ranks 3rd in terms of total accidents, across 199 countries as reported in the World Road Statistics. India's incidence of accidents is 36 per lakh people which is much lesser than that of many developed and developing countries like the USA (684), Japan (393), Iran (365), and Turkey (233)."

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"Road Accidents are occurring due to multiple causes such as over speeding, drunken driving/consumption of alcohol, driving on wrong side/lane indiscipline, fault of the driver of motor vehicle, use of mobile phones during driving, mechanical defect/fault of the vehicle, defect in road condition, weather condition and lack of knowledge on road signage, etc", the Minister said.

Strategy formulated to check road accidents

The Minister informed that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has formulated a multi-prolonged strategy to address the issue of road safety based on Education, Engineering (both roads and vehicles), Enforcement, and Emergency Care.

The Ministry implemented a scheme for undertaking publicity measures and awareness campaigns on road safety to educate commuters through electronic media, print media, NGOs, etc.

  • Observance of National Road Safety Week/Road Safety Month every year for spreading awareness and strengthening road safety.
  • High priority to identification and rectification of black spots (accident-prone spots) on national highways.
  • Road safety has been made an integral part of road design at the planning stage.
  • Guidelines for pedestrian facilities on National Highways for persons with disabilities have also been issued to all States / UTs.
  • Safety standards for automobiles have been improved.
  • Ministry has notified fitting of speed limiting devices on all transport vehicles
  • The recently passed motor vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 provides for strict enforcement through the use of technology and further provides for strict penalties for ensuring strict compliance and enhancing deterrence for violation of traffic rules.
  • Rules for protection of Good Samaritans as per MV (Amendment) Act, 2019 have been published.
  • The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 provides for a scheme for the cashless treatment of victims of the accident during the golden hour.
  • The National Highways Authority of India has made provisions for ambulances at all toll plazas on the completed corridor of national highways.
  • Further, out of this, 297 ambulances have been upgraded to Basic Life Support as per AIS-125, and up-gradation for the remaining is under process.