Indian Army
India tooks to shore up its war time reserves as tensions mount with its Pakistan relationship.Reuters file

India is shoring up its military ammunitions and equipments following rising border tensions with its arch rival Pakistan. In order to fill up these critical shortages on an urgent basis, India is bypassing its acquisition process and going in for the fast-track approach.

Reports have emerged that officials were despatched to Russia and Israel to secure delivery contracts for several ammunition purchases.

"Small teams constituting senior defence service officials and MoD procurement officials have been sent to Russia and Israel to quickly purchase a variety of ammunition and other essential requirements," an official in the defence ministry was quoted as saying by Defence News.

India is also likely to firm up acquisitions worth $1billion that will be inclusive of ammunition, limited assault rifles, thermal-imaging equipment, light machine guns, rocket launchers and helicopter mounted anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). The purchases will all be via fast-track route.

According to the official, India was facing shortages in T-72 and T-90 tank ammunition, anti-tank rounds, helicopters and Su-30 rounds.

"Though the government is doing enough, the procedures are still very archaic. Revised Defence Procurement Procedures (DPPs) have given a push, but the structure at the apex level needs an overhaul," Col. Ashwani Sharma, (retired) and defence analyst told Defence News.