New OS for iPad

Wysa and Lookup, the Apple-centric app, have taken initiatives of making IOS accessible to the disabled and people having issues with mental health and anxiety.

Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati, Co-founders of Wysa, aimed at integrating Artificial Intelligence to create a mental health app in the form of a bot with emotion. The app reacts to the expressed emotions with the help of a chatbot. The creators of the app designed it keeping in view the growing mental health issues in the country but the fear of opting for a clinical psychologist.


Wysa has integrated Apple accessibility features which are tuned by Machine Learning, and Siri shortcuts to help stabilise the negative emotion of a person by giving regular support at intervals. This in term according to the software developer is an initiative to make the mental health support in India better. 

Lookup, on the other hand, is developed by Vidit Bhargava, a 2016 Apple WWDC scholar. It integrates multiple usages for different user age groups. It gives visual content for kids, voice-over reading companions for disabled and avid readers, and also acts as an English dictionary app.

India is slowly adapting to the trend of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. On a global scale, India had been adapting to the android play store developments due to the small part of the population using iOS. The current scenario states a completely different angle where India has many iOS developer communities and has successfully created more than 100,000 apps with over 700,000 openings for an iOS ecosystem in India, as stated by Live Mint research.

India is trying hard to take iOS technology to the hands of disabled, help mentally weak people, help the colour blind and also has taken initiatives to build apps that can help ease communication by speech or swipes. Indians are integrating varying ideas into the apps to make the user interface easy and voice or retina controlled.