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Pakistan continues to take baseless digs at India on an international platform, but its mud-slinging efforts are often shot down by facts. Once again, Pakistan has attempted to show India in bad light at the UN Security Council. But the irony here is that the session was not open to non-members of the Security Council.

The statements were made by the Permanent Representative of Pakistan and the lies were exposed by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations. Here are the lies and the facts exposing those lies:

Target of cross-border terrorism

"We have been the target of cross-border terrorism for decades." That's what Pakistan representative said. But not said for the first time. In response to that allegation, India at UN said "the biggest sponsor of cross-border terrorism against India now tries to masquerade itself as a victim of terrorism by India!"

Busting Pakistan's own claim in 2019, PAK PM Imran Khan said at the UN General Assembly that 40,000-50,000 terrorists were present in Pakistan. Hence, the claim made by Pakistan stands false.

Imran Khan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran KhanIANS

Decimated Al-Qaeda from PAK

In another claim, PAK official said the country decimated Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation from the region. But the fact remains unchanged that terrorist organisation leader and mastermind Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan when US forces killed him. Moreover, as recent as this year, Imran Khan referred to Osama Bin Laden as "martyr" in Parliament. Another lie exposed.

India hired terrorist to hit PAK

This is a blatant lie that has no proof. "Pakistan makes the laughable claim that India has hired terrorist as mercenaries to hit them. Coming from a country which is a known sponsor of cross-border terrorism which has made the world suffer due to its actions, this claim is nothing short of being preposterous!" India at UN exclaimed.

Indians in 1267 sanctions list

The 1267 Sanctions list is publicly available and the fact that Pakistan claims any Indians are on it is just ridiculous. "The 1267 Committee works on the basis of evidence, and not random accusations thrown in to divert their time and attention," India at UN wrote.

Ridiculous assertions about India's internal affairs

Pakistan has never shied away from making ridiculous assertions about India's internal affairs. India at UN highlighted the fact that Pakistan's minority population has only declined since 1947, which now makes up to just 3 percent. In addition, Pakistan has made false allegations about India's sovereign actions in Jammu and Kashmir, which are for the welfare of the people.