Nationwide lockdown will come into effect from 12 midnight in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing to the public in his speech. PM Modi said that the curfew will remain in effect for 21 days, i.e. three weeks.

PM Modi said that the curfew will be more stringent as compared to the Janta curfew. He added that the country might experience an economic situation in these three weeks. "If these 21 days do not happen then the country will go 21 years back in time," the prime minister noted. Modi was saying this is not as a PM speaking to the nation but a family member of every Indian.

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PM Modi addressed the nation at 8 pm todaynarendra modi

Stressing on the fact that home quarantine is the need of the hour, he said that this step will break the cycle of coronavirus. Every Indian will have to draw a 'Lakshman Rekha' in front of their homes. "A single step outside can get coronavirus into your homes. The problem is that many people do not show symptoms for a long time and this is dangerous as many get infected."

He added that people are indulging in all sorts of entertaining means on the social media and he showed a banner that stated: CORONA is 'Koi road par na nikle'.

PM Modi on home quarantine and social distancing 

The PM asked to help those who are out there to fight the deadly coronavirus. He specially mentioned the police personnel, media professionals, healthcare workers, and other Govt staff saying that by staying home, everyone will help people who are controlling the situation in India.
The Prime Minister said, "They are out there so that you do not face inconvenience on an everyday basis. Preparations are in place to help the citizens and the Govt will keep working at the forefront to help everyone in need."

He said that everyone needs to lead a normal life and for that the most important thing as of now is social distancing and home quarantine.

The Central Govt has allotted Rs 15,000 crores on Tuesday as a fund for fighting coronavirus. This fund will be used for testing, PPE, isolation beds, ventilators, ICU beds and other infrastructure to fight coronavirus. "I have urged the State Govts that as of now the healthcare should be a priority in every state. The private sector of India is standing shoulder to shoulder with the country in this crisis. However, pay heed to fake news and information being spread over the social media," PM Modi added.

He has urged that no one should take over-the-counter medication to fight COVID-19 without a doctor's prescription.

"21 days is a long time but this is the only way out to control the situation. I know that every Indian will come out of it as a winner. Everyone has to follow the laws in the country while the lockdown is on," he added.

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