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PM Narendra Modi had earlier addressed the nation when he called for a "Janata Curfew" on efforts to combat the deadly virus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation on Tuesday, March 24, at 8 pm for the second time on the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 500 people in India. Taking to Twitter, PM Modi said, "I will address the nation at 8 pm today on vital aspects relating to the scourge of the pandemic COVID-19."

Earlier on March 19, PM Narendra Modi had addressed the nation when he called for a "Janata Curfew" on efforts to combat the deadly virus.

The dreaded coronavirus has claimed its eleventh victim in India today. Almost all of India has come under complete lockdown, with states like Delhi and Punjab imposing a curfew.

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2020-03-2420:38 (IST)

Key takeaways: PM Modi on coronavirus

  1. PM Modi appeals with folded hands: Don't go out, stay at home for 21 days
  2. If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days, we will be pushed back 21 years, says PM Modi
  3. PM Modi says: "We are taking all steps to ensure the continuous supply of essential commodities."
  4. PM announces Rs 15,000 crore stimulus to strengthen health infrastructure
2020-03-2420:30 (IST)

We can bring down the impact of this disaster: PM

PM Modi: "Today, India is at the stage where our actions today, will decide that to what extent we can bring down the impact of this disaster. This is the time to strengthen our resolve again and again."

2020-03-2420:20 (IST)

Stay at home, maintain precautions: PM Modi appeals

PM Modi on coronavirus live: 'You have to remember that a person infected with Covid-19 initially appears to be normal and doesn't show symptoms. So maintain precautions and stay at home."

2020-03-2420:19 (IST)

'Lockdown necessary to save lives'

Narendra Modi said: "If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days (of nationwide complete lockdown), we will be pushed back 21 years."

2020-03-2420:17 (IST)

Every state, every district, every village to be locked down

Narendra Modi has just announced a three-week, nationwide lockdown in India. A country of over 1.3 billion people, will be completely shutting down in order to fight the deadly virus.

2020-03-2420:13 (IST)

Complete lockdown for 3 weeks: PM Modi

PM Modi said that the nationwide lockdown will be imposed for three weeks. "The coming 21 days are very important to us. According to medical experts, 21 days time is very important to break the coronavirus infection cycle," PM Modi said.

2020-03-2420:12 (IST)

1.3 billion Indians under lockdown, says PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi said: "From midnight 12 am in the entire country, India will be under complete lockdown for 21 days. This is to save the country and to save you. You will not be allowed to get out of your home. This is curfew. It is strict. This is absolutely necessary to save lives."

2020-03-2420:08 (IST)

PM Narendra Modi annouces complete lockdown

Complete lockdown announced in India in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

2020-03-2420:06 (IST)

Indians contributed for making Janta curfew a success: PM Modi

Soon after the dreaded coronavirus claimed its eleventh victim in India today, PM Modi addressed the nation saying, "The one-day JantaCurfew showed how we Indians come together and fight against any trouble which comes before the country and the mankind."