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As border tensions between India and China ease, Chinese ambassador Sun Weidong on Friday said that the two countries should be partners rather than rivals and need peace rather than confrontations. Sun said that New Delhi and Beijing should work together to maintain peace and tranquillity and find a "reasonable solution" to the border disputes.

The Chinese ambassador said that the two sides need to pursue "win-win cooperation" instead of "zero-sum game" and called for mutual cooperation to tide over the coronavirus pandemic and revive the economy.

He also referred to the recent anti-China sentiment in the market and said that the "so-called 'decoupling' of economic & trade ties" will only harm without any benefits. He said that India and China have the wisdom to properly handle differences and not fall in the "trap of conflict".

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In a nearly 18-minute video posted on the Chinese embassy's YouTube channel as well as on Twitter, his remarks focused on five points to improve India-China ties.

1. China & India should be partners, rather than rivals: "We provide each other with development opportunities instead of posing threats. Only by viewing each other with positive, open & inclusive attitude, we can ensure stable & long-term ties & avoid strategic miscalculation," Sun said in the video.

2. Need peace rather than confrontation: "Cooperation benefits both while confrontation serves neither. Escalation from differences to disputes should be avoided. We have wisdom & capability to properly handle differences & not fall into the trap of conflict."

3. Pursue win-win cooperation instead of zero-sum game: "So-called "decoupling" of economic & trade ties will only harm others without benefit & eventually hurt oneself. Openness & cooperation can help us defeat #COVID19 & revive the economy at an early date."

4. Build trust rather than suspicion: "Mutual respect & support is a sure way. Suspicion & friction is the wrong path. We need mutual respect, treat each other as equals, be open & inclusive. We should implement leaders' consensus in letter & in spirit."

5. Relations should move forward rather than backward: "This year marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties, we should cherish hard-won progress. Facing a complex situation, we should take broader & far-sighted view, work together to overcome & turn it around ASAP."