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The diet you follow plays a major role in maintaining your health and keeping diseases at bay. Eating too much of unhealthy and junk food is very common these days which causes obesity, diabetes and even makes you prone to heart attack.

Including these minerals in your diet can help in enhancing your health and keep ailments at bay:


This mineral plays a major role in controlling the blood pressure levels and is very beneficial for people suffering from low blood pressure. One should make sure that the sodium intake is not in excess quantity as it is harmful to health. To fulfil your daily sodium intake you can consume foods like salted nuts, pickles, eggplants, watermelon and buttermilk.


Iron is a crucial part of haemoglobin, which plays an important role in transferring oxygen to the blood from lungs. Lack of iron causes blood loss, also known as anaemia. Include foods like apples, spinach, chickpeas, sesame seeds, raisins and pumpkin seeds, etc in your diet to maintain the levels of iron in your body and curb iron deficiency.


This mineral helps in the formation of collagen -- the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in animal bodies-- which plays an important role in body's proper growth and also helps to regulate heart's rhythm. This mineral can be found in abundance in foods like mushrooms. Cashews, avocados, kidney beans, sesame seeds and dried prunes.


It plays a major role in maintaining bone health and making teeth stronger. Lack of calcium makes you prone to osteoporosis. Include milk and milk products like cheese and yogurt maintain your bone health. Spinach, chickpeas and figs are other foods rich in calcium.


This mineral is required for producing thyroid hormones, lack of iodine can cause depression, high cholesterol levels, swelling of thyroid glands and fatigue. Eat dried prunes, salt, shrimp, boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, yogurt and strawberries to keep the above health conditions at bay.