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The images of the white version of the LG Nexus 4 Smartphone have again surfaced online, hours ahead of its speculated launch at Google I/O.

Folks from TechView claimed they had a look of the smartphone in a Qualcomm booth at a conference in Dubai. The white variants of Nexus 4 had earlier made its appearance on the web. Unfortunately, like earlier images the latest ones did not reveal much about the specifications of the smartphone except for it looks and design.

According to the report, the phone's side and back portions will be white and the front is likely to remain black. The other specifications of the handset will be more or less similar to the earlier version of Nexus 4. The phone is expected to be shown at the Google I/O, which is scheduled for 15 May, as an updated version of Nexus 4. Apparently, what TechView saw is the 16GB version of the phone and is not sure whether the company has both 16GB and 32GB in the list or just one variant.

"The device looks great on the back and may actually give the black Nexus 4 a run for its money. However the front is still black and takes the charm away from the device. The internals were pretty much the same and the device was running an older version of Android - 4.2 to be precise," TechView noted about the device.

Take a look at the white Nexus 4 model here.