Mohammed Mansoor Khan
Mohammed Mansoor Khan, MD and CEO of IMA groupfacebook

IMA has surfaced as one of the hideous scams that have ruined the lives of many. With their vast ventures, including bullion trading, jewellery, infrastructure development, educational institutions and hospitals, running as a legitimate front for the dubious scam people were easily lured into it.

The duped investors who had gathered around IMA jewels after the release of the alleged audio clip by the group's owner and managing director Mohammed Mansoor Khan still had some hope left in them due to their bling trust and faith over their beloved "Mansoor Saab".

However, all the institutions under IMA have been shut down except for the Frontline hospital at Venkataswamy Naidu Road in Shivajinagar. Even though the hospital is working some of the people inside the hospital has claimed that Frontline has no connection with IMA or Mansoor Khan and is a separate body.

Frontline hospital
Frontline hospital boardAmal Rasheedali

The hospital, which had a board saying "IMA initiative", was quickly removed from its name board after the problems started escalating. The IMA website still claims Frontline to be a part of the group.

IMA scam
BMTC bus displaying IMA adfacebook

The depositors gathered near AS Convention Centre at Shivajinagar to file a complaint against IMA alleged that not even a bit of gold was left inside IMA jewels when they went to inquire about the happening after the audio clip surfaced. Nasser (name changed) also claimed that the jewellery staff were also not properly paid for several months.

IMA scam
Govt VKO school Shivaji Nagar adopted by IMA groupFacebook

Not just the investors, students future has also been put at risk by the group after Government VK Obaidullah School adopted by IMA also remains shut due to the ongoing investigation against the group. The school was adopted and transformed by the group in 2017. It facilitated nearly 900 students and over 90 staffs, of which none of the teachers has turned in after June 10.

While most of the public and depositors have knowledge about IMA and its functionaries much less is known to the people over their modus operandi. It is alleged that Khan left the country after he came to know that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was on his tail. Many of the teary-eyed depositors are still not able to believe that their messiah in white robe has turned out to be a camouflaged devil.