Embarrassment for IKEA in India continues after a customer found an insect crawling in the chocolate cake that he had bought from the outlet. The customer recorded a video of it and posted on Twitter.

Kishore, in his tweet posted on September 12, said that he visited the store and ordered a cake for his daughter. "I found an insect inside the chocolate cake which came out while my daughter was eating the cake at Ikea store today in Hyderabad," he said in his tweet.

IKEA Furniture

While the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has imposed a fine of Rs. 5,000 on the recently opened Swedish firm and have collected food samples for test, IKEA has denied reports that it has been fined by the municipal authorities. The store had, however, reportedly apologized for the incident and assured that they will further look into the matter.

The firm has expressed "regret" over the incident. "We regret this and apologize to our customer for the unfortunate experience. We are taking steps to avoid such occurrences. However, no samples were collected or inspection carried out by GHMC on the said incident. Further, Ikea has not been issued any notice or fined by the corporation," Ikea's spokesperson was quoted as saying by India Today TV.

This is the second such situation that IKEA Hyderabad has faced. Earlier, a customer put a picture on Twitter of a vegetable biryani served to him with a caterpillar in it on August 31. The civic body had slapped a fine of Rs. 11,500 following the incident. The store had later promised that they will take utmost care to make sure that such incidents do not happen again.

The GHMC has issued a notice to the manager of IKEA restaurant and also to Haldirams, from which it buys food items. At that time, the IKEA Hyderabad store had said that they have stopped selling vegetable biryani and samosa in its 1,000 seater restaurant, days after a customer allegedly found a worm in the food served to him.