Party at a local pub. [representational image]Reuters

Students of the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur were not pleased with the new rules initiated by the authorities to ban late-night outing and parties. The decision was made in order to prevent students from getting into drug addiction and other such vices.

"During the meeting, Senate members said students hire private tempos for late-night outings without informing hostel wardens or security in-charge. Members of the Senate expressed their concern over this as they felt students may fall prey to vices like drug addiction by coming in contact with unscrupulous people outside the campus. This can also affect their academic performance," an IIT-Kanpur official was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

The authorities added that the students would go to areas like Chaubepur and Bithoor to attend parties at roadside eateries.

The move was initiated on June 23, after the Senate held a meeting regarding the welfare of students. The ban, however, did not please the IIT-Kanpur students who claimed that the move was more like moral policing rather than looking out for student's academic performances.

The students, who do not adhere to the new rules, would be punished. "Hostel wardens were directed to conduct surprise raids at hostel rooms and initiate stern action against students not found in their rooms," the official added.

"We are sensible and responsible. The fear that we will get involved in immoral activities has no justification. We will ask the director to consider lifting the ban," a student told Hindustan Times under the condition of anonymity.