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Shahid Kapoor has made some strong statements and revelations in his latest interview. Shahid, who is enjoying the success of his recently released Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, has spoken about not being a "campy" person. Shahid joined the outsiders vs. nepotism debate and said that the industry is actually not that accepting of those who come from outside.

Shahid talks about "camps"

Shahid said that he doesn't like being a part of any camp. He further said that closing the doors on someone is something that is not unheard of in the fraternity.

Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor seems to be interested to act in the Hindi version of Soorarai Pottru.Varinder Chawla

"I don't like this campy thing. I feel that people who want to creatively collaborate with each other, should. People are comfortable with each other, should. But that doesn't mean you diss other people or put other people down or you close the doors to other people. And I think that that's something which does happen in this fraternity (sic)," Shahid told Neha Dhupia.

Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh
Shahid Kapoor in Kabir SinghInstagram

Shahid to bully the bully

The Kabir Singh actor further said that earlier he used to get bullied because he was a kid and lacked confidence, but now he won't let that happen. Shahid added that now, if such a thing were to happen, he would bully the bully.

"I hate being bullied, and I didn't have the confidence as a kid. But now, if you try to bully me, I will bully you right back. I hate the bully, I bully the bully. This is no filter, Shahid," he said.

The 43-year-old actor further said that while he has fond memories of his school days in Delhi, he often used to get picked on in Mumbai. Shahid also added that he doesn't have any nice memories of his school days in Mumbai.