Karan Wahi, one of the most popular actors on television, is monikered as India's most desirable man. Karan has made his presence felt on television for over a decade and his work comprises of television, film, and anchoring. Karan is at the best phase of his life as he has now donned the hat of a producer too. 

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In a tête-à-tête with International Business Times India, Karan Wahi spoke at length about his new web show Hundred, if he wants his debut show Remix to retelecast, if he is open to doing an intimate scene, and why he doesn't like to interact much on Instagram.

You are playing a rapper in Hundred, what made you take up the role?

Everything about the character was so intriguing and interesting, right from his looks to how he looked at life to his mannerisms. Being an actor, I know how people are trying so hard every day to make a name here (in showbiz) and Mad-E is one of them. Though he appears to be super chilled, there's a vulnerable side to him, like most of the shows that we are seeing these days are gritty and serious,  Hundred, on the other hand, is a light-hearted family drama.

How was it working with Lara Dutta and Rinku Rajguru?

I am really glad and honoured to have worked with both of them. I have watched Rinkus's film Sairaat and she is commendable as an actor, she is so hardworking. While it's so wonderful to work with Lara Dutta is a lot like her character. This is what webspace gives you an abundance of people under one roof.

With so many shows getting a re-telecast, do you think your debut show 'Remix' should get a rerun?

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I would love the show to get back but unfortunately, the channel isn't there in the country. If the show gets back it will be nostalgic for many and young generation and millennials will resonate with it. It will be like a fresh breath of air in today's times. Back then it was aspirational.

Are you in favour of your show being remade in 2020?

karan's character as ranvir in remix

Personally, if you ask me I don't like people remaking a show as it comes with a lot of baggage for anyone who is new. The comparison starts to begin. For instance,  Dad and I fight on which version of Don is better dad is of the view that Amitabh Bachchan's Don is better and I didn't see sir's Don when I was a young therefore I find SRK's Don better. So it depends on generation to generation. I want my show Remix to come with the same cast but tell a different or 16 years down the line how the millennial issues were. Else people will start comparing that this character doesn't resonate.

How open are you enacting sex scenes on the web?

Being comfy or uncomfortable should not be the thought process as when you are acting if there are scenes you are uncomfortable about, you know it earlier before you have signed the show. And as an actor, you do things which are demanded in the script and if it is valid and there is nothing wrong. Any kiss scene or an intimate scene that is there I have spoken beforehand and only then went ahead. I am an actor and when I can abuse, die, fight on camera I can be intimate as well. At the end, it all boils down to thought the process.

We don't see you posting many videos on your Instagram, any reason?

How I look when I am sweeping, cleaning or cooking is my thing.  I mean Aap Apna he ghar saaf kar rahe ho. So don't understand what's there to show in that or post. Having said that I also go live with my fans, my fans comment on my social media posts. But then I don't like going berserk and with it. Doing things is proportion is good but overdoing anything kills it. I am not saying those who do this re wrong. Whenever I have something new to post or share I do it think fans also need some intelligent stuff from us. something informative, they know we all cook and clean.

What next is on your platter?

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 (laughs) Well, now I am producing a web show on AltBalaji which I shall announce soon.