AIB's Honest Weddings
AIB's "Honest Weddings"

Ace filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says if All India Bakhchod's (AIB) latest comedy video "Honest Weddings" is made as a movie, it will break all the records of Salman Khan's super-hit film "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun".

"Honest Weddings" is the latest comedy video of AIB, which is a group of Indian stand-up comedians. On 18 May, Ram Gopal Varma watched the comedy show released in two parts on YouTube. Impressed with it, he tweeted, "Jst saw All india bakhchods "Honest Weddings" .If anyone thinks it's just a comedy show he or she would be the biggest joker on planet."

In a series of tweets, Ram Gopal Varma heaped praises on AIB. He wrote, "Aib guys are just about the only guys in india who truly know the spirit of true Indians and even Narendra Modi should learn from them The great film makers of the great Indian wedding sagas should s t c of the makers of "Honest weddings" (sic)"

Earlier this year, AIB had to face lot of criticism for the vulgarity featured in its videos. But Ram Gopal Varma asks the viewers to understand the symbolism. He tweeted, "It will be a grave mistake to think of AIB as just funny as they are the only true honest intellectuals in Apna Bharat mahaan AIB are just projecting their extremely deep understanding of the Indian psyche in the guise of a comedy show."

The filmmaker continued, "Hey AIB guys,I don't believe in God nd I never prayed but I request u 2 please tweet ur feet so tht sensible Indians like me can touch them The future of india is only in sensible common sensical Indians who will understand the deeply layered intellectualism of All india bakhchod."

"The depth behind AIB is reminiscent of Ayn Rand's line "if u identify the dominant philosophy of a society u can predict it's future" If from Narendra Modi to Dharavi slum dweller if they don't understand the depth behind the intellectual aphorisms of AIB india is doomed."

Meanwhile, the filmmaker suggested AIB to use its intelligence to create awareness about social issues. He wrote, "It's a tragedy AIB intellectuals chose to just make people laugh.if they use their intellect seriously they can uproot hypocrisy of india I beg AIB Guys to use ur genius of social observations to do social service in waking up families and governments to ground realities."

Ram Gopal Varma concluded his series of tweets by writing, "If "Honest weddings" is made as a film it will break records of"Hum Aapke hai kaun" nd make people requestion thrmselves why they loved HAHK."