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Director Anil Srikantam's Telugu movie Idam Jagath starring Sumanth and Anju Kurian has struck a chord with the audience and film critics and received good reviews and ratings.

Idam Jagath is a crime thriller and Anil Srikantam has written the script for the film. Jonnalagadda Padmavate and Gangapatnam Sridhar have produced the movie under the banners Viraat Films and Sri Vignesh Karthik Cinemas. It has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.06 hours.

Idam Jagath movie story: The film is about Nishit (Sumanth), who suffers from sleep disorders. Using his disability, he becomes a reporter and starts shooting crime scenes. He starts earning money from that footage. But he gets entangled in a mess involving a big mafia set up. How he comes out of it forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Idam Jagath has an interesting story and engaging screenplay. Sumanth's role has different shades and he has done a brilliant performance. Anju Kurian and others have also done justice to their roles. The movie has good production values and background score and picturisation are the attractions on the technical front, say the audience and critics.

Idam Jagath movie review roundup: We bring you some audience and critics' verdict on the film shared on Twitter and other websites. Continue to see their response.

SivaKrishna Gowni‏ @KGowni

Thrilling concept. As always nice performance @iSumanth with a mass look, impressed with your acting skills of negative shades in film. Film is good and interesting. Wishes for your success. #IdamJagath

Yaswanth Tapi‏ @yaswanthtalk

#Sumantha's #IdamJagath First Half Report : The concept of the film is good and has a unique night set up. Sumanth is neat in his role but the love story is bit dull. Interval point is okay and sets up for a good second half which will be a key .. Looking promising

123 Telugu Rating: 2.75

Idam Jagat has a very interesting premise and is narrated well for the most part. Sumanth's role with negative shades and contemporary media set up and how news is created looks nice. But the disengaging love story obstructs the free flow of the film and sidetracks the film. All those who like a crime thrillers with a realistic setup can watch this film and the rest can choose something else this weekend.

Times of India Rating: 2

Give this one a chance this weekend if you want to check out Sumanth being someone other than the quintessential lover boy and for the novelty of finally having a film that does not cop out when it comes to its lead character having sketchy ethics. But give it a miss if the similarities with Dan's Nightcrawler are bound to irk you, because the film is filled with them.