GTA 5 for PC released on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

GTA 4 players, not long ago, were treated to ENB-based visual upgrade iCEnhancer mod for the game. The mod was meant to perk up the look of the game quite a lot. In fact, the mod worked its magic and the game looked better than most newly-released titles.

As the mod has successfully enhanced the graphical output for the previously-released GTA: Liberty City, it seems like the makers of iCEnhancer are now ready to bring the same kind of graphical augmentation for Los Santos in the newly-released Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC.

As of now, the mod development for the title is still in its early stages. However, key developer Hayssam Keilany recently released a few screenshots on the mod's Facebook page. There's also a video showcasing the mod in its pre-alpha state, courtesy Overclock 3D. You can find it below:

GTA 5 on PC already looks quite intense, as far as its buffed up graphics is concerned. So it will be interesting to see what kind of graphical augmentation the new mod will bring to the game. More news on the mod is expected to emerge in the coming weeks.

[Source: Gameranx]