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No matter what you use or how hard you try, some stains on a pair of jeans or on the carpet just look don't seem to go away. But there are some everyday household items that can help you remove them.

Experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute have revealed 10 such easily available household items that will help you get rid of such stains.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes can help remove the candle wax and chewing gum stains. Ice makes the stain become brittle enough to be picked or scraped, according to FEMAIL. You can also put the stained item in the fridge for some time to get the same result.


An old toothbrush serves as one of the best everyday products to remove stains. In fact, both, old and new toothbrushes, can be used to remove stains.

While the old ones are used for scrubbing mould stains, new ones can be used to remove oily stains.

Rubber gloves

Apart from protecting hands, rubber gloves can be used to remove stains, especially pet hair from sofas.

Soda water

Soda water can be used to remove "pigment-based stains such as red wine" from the cloth.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is one of the best products to remove tea or coffee stains on china cups.

A blunt knife

A blunt knife is good for removing any "solid or bulky part of a stain," but make sure you use it carefully without damaging the cloth.

Paper towels

Paper towels can be used to clean dried candle wax. "Place a paper towel over the wax spill (once it's dry), and gently iron over with a cool iron. The wax will lift into the paper towel and away from the fabric," the Good Housekeeping Institute suggests.

Cotton buds

Cotton buds have several purposes. This delicate item can be used to apply vegetable oil onto stuck zip or for clearing dust on the keyboard.


Glycerin is not only used to treat oily skin but also to remove stains, especially ink stains. For better results, the Good Housekeeping Institute suggests diluting the glycerin and dab it on the stain for at least an hour before washing it with a detergent.

 Sticky tape

Sticky tape might not be as helpful as other products, but it can help remove pollen particles from clothes and carpets. The tape can also be used to remove dry waste from the clothes.