shahid afridi
Shahid Afridi has revealed he is pressurised not to retire from T20 cricketIANS

Pakistan have always been in the limelight, be it for on-field or off-field activities. Now, just a couple of days after arrival in India for the World T20, captain Shahid Afridi has landed in trouble. The Pakistan T20 skipper had expressed his love for India and said they are loved more in India than back home in Pakistan, which has hurt the sentiments of Pakistan fans and former cricketers.

As a result, a petition was filed Monday against Afridi in the Lahore High Court.

"The Lahore High Court should issue a notice to Shahid Afridi seeking an explanation in 15 days," petitioner Advocate Azhar Siddique was quoted by Daily Pakistan as telling the court.

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad also took a dig at the player for his comments. Miandad said he wanted Pakistan cricketers to speak the truth as he felt India had not done anything for the betterment of cricket in Pakistan.

"These cricketers should be ashamed of themselves for saying such a thing. Shame on you. What have the Indians given us? Speak the truth even while in India. For the last five years what have they given us or done with Pakistan cricket. Having served Pakistan cricket for so many years I am shocked and hurt to hear such comments from our players," Business Insider quoted Miandad as telling Aaj TV.

Pakistan were the last team to arrive for the World T20 as there were issues regarding security in India for the Men in Green during the World T20. Pakistan travelled to India only when all assurance were given to the authorities concerned.

Even before a ball is bowled in the World T20, Pakistan have bagged headlines, but their cricketers have to focus on their first match Thursday against Bangladesh in Kolkata. Pakistan might not have been playing brilliant cricket of late, but Afridi can silence cricket fans if Pakistan wins the 2016 World T20 title.