A man walks past the headquarters of IBM Japan in Tokyo
A man walks past the headquarters of IBM Japan in TokyoReuters

American Technology Giant IBM on Monday announced a breakthrough in optical communication that involved transferring data between computing systems at an amazing speed of 25Gbps.

IBM claims that the technology 'Silicon Nanophotonics' uses light in place of electrical signals to transfer data for future computing systems. This technology will enable transfer of large volumes of data faster between computers chips in servers, large data-centers and supercomputers.

"This technology breakthrough is a result of more than a decade of pioneering research at IBM," said Dr. John E. Kelly, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research.

He further said, "This allows us to move silicon nanophotonics technology into a real-world manufacturing environment that will have impact across a range of applications.", reported Venture Beat

The company claimed that its 90nm Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics technology is capable of integrating fabricated photo-detector and the modulator side-by-side with the silicon transistor.

The dense integration of optical circuits is capable of transmitting and receiving data at high rates .This technology is expected to solve the limitations of bandwidth during data transfer in the current interconnects.

The use of standard chip manufacturing process is expected to bring down high costs of traditional interconnects.

The company says that there is possibility of further scaling of optical communications. This scaling would enable delivering terabytes of data between distant parts of computer systems.

This technology is expected to revolutionize the way data-centers and supercomputers operations are done and bring down expensive power bills of technology companies.