IAF Jaguar aircraft
The IAF Jaguar aircraft pilot jettisons tank before making an emergency landing.Twitter/ANI

An Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot jettisoned the Jaguar aircraft's fuel tanks and small practice bombs after one of its engines failed due to a bird hit in Ambala on Thursday, June 27, morning.

New agency ANI reported that the pilot managed to make an emergency landing safely. It was the prompt action of the pilot that saved the IAF aircraft. According to reports, the pilot was doing a training sortie when the aircraft suffered the bird hit.

Check another visual:

jaguar crash

No casualties have been reported in the incident at the time of filing this report.

A loud explosion was heard near the residential area and airforce base wall, according to reports. Eyewitnesses also saw something falling from the aircraft on the roof of a house and on the street. Ambulance and fire brigade were rushed to the spot of the incident.

A search operation is underway by Air Force officials and local police.

In another similar incident earlier this year, a Jaguar crashed in Uttar Pradesh's Kushinagar, after developing technical problems during a routine mission from Gorakhpur. IAF Wing Commander Rohit Katoch managed to eject safely from the aircraft.