Cute and vibrant actor Pranutan Bahl made her debut with the film Notebook (2019), and will now be seen Helmet (2021) and Phir Hasenge: Vibhas (2021). Not many are know that the talented actor is the daughter of actor Mohnish Bahl and granddaughter of legendary actor Nutan.

Despite coming from a linage of filmy family, Parnutan always ensured that she gave the audition and didn't disclose her identity. All the films that she has bagged to date are on her merit.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Pranutan Bahl poured her heart out as she spoke at length about her upcoming film Helmet, her journey in Bollywood, what she missed the most in 2020 and a golden piece of advice her dad Mohnish Bahl gave her.


Excerpts from the interview

How has 2020 been for you?

All I can say is I missed working a lot. Mostly I was at home with my family.

Mohnish Bahl

During the pandemic, how did you manage your fitness regime?

I workout at home. One hour I do cardio, then squats, crunches, I have a gym at home also. I eat home-cooked food.

After the success of Notebook, what kind of offers came your way?

Offers did come to me. But I didn't want to jump or take any hasty decision. I wanted to see the role that would excite me. I want to take up a role that I can do justice with.

Mohnish Bahl

Being Mohnish Bahl's daughter help you in your career?

Since 2016, I started giving audition I never told anyone that I belong to a film family. In the year 2018, I auditioned for the film Notebook, and that's when I bagged it. As a father (Monish Bal) has always advised me, I discuss what come my way. But the ultimate decision is mine. He always wants it to be my own decision and carve my own path because that's very important.

Mohnish Bahl

Had you not been an actor, what would you be?

I always wanted to be an actor. I have grown up on a film set. I have done my LLB so that I would pursue law.

What is your take on social media trolls?

I'm mentally quite strong that way. I feel some stranger or an anonymous person is sitting behind the screens and frames his opinion, that really doesn't bother me. The opinions of people who are close to me and whom I love is what matters to me. Rest social media trolls remain unaffected for me. 

What's your role in Helmet? Did you shoot amid the pandemic for the film?

Yes, I did shoot for a week, with all the necessary precautions and protocol. All of us on the sets were careful. Talking about my role, in the film helmet, I essay the role of a free-spirited girl, she is fun and desi Phataka. 

Pranutan Bahl

In the film Notebook, you play the role of a girl next door. While in Helmet, you play an outgoing character, which one does Pranutan relate to in real life?

 Well, all I can say is I am closer to my character in Helmet.