Rashmika Mandanna

Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal is roaring at the box office. The film received mixed reviews from fans and critics. Fans loved Ranbir Kapoor's powerful action. Filled with action, drama, blood, and violence the film has shaken the industry with its terrific opening it's been a week and still, it's going strong.

Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir kapoor

About the plot of Animal 

The film also got negative reviews as Ranbir's character is highly toxic, despite killing 300 and more people. No police force even caught hold or questioned him. The film also shows infidelity and Ranbir's character justifying it by saying, it was all to get to know about who shot his father (Anil Kapoor).

From roaming nude to the pad dialogue where Ranbir's character after his surgery tells his on-screen wife Rashmika Mandanna that she wouldn't ever know as during menstruation she only changes 4 pads a month and he is changing those many pads in an hour.

One of the dialogues that created uproar is when Ranbir's character tells Rashmika to not marry anyone even if something happens. Despite him cheating on his wife with Tripti Dimri (Zoya).

A section of movie-goers slammed Rashmika for being a wife who took all the torture and never voiced her opinion.

Amid criticism, Rashmika on Saturday took to social media and spoke about her character and justified her stance.

Rashmika on playing Gitanjali

Sharing stills from the film Animal, she wrote, "Gitanjali. If I were to describe her in a sentence... it would be the only force at home holding her family together. She is pure, real, unfiltered, strong and raw. At times as an actor, I would question some of Gitanjali's actions."

Animal still Ranbir kapooor
Animal poster Ranbir Kapoor

"And I remember my director telling me - this was their story. Ranvijay's and Gitanjali's.. it was their love and passion, their families and their lives - this is who they are. In a world full of all violence, hurt and unbearable pain - Gitanjali would bring peace trust and calm. She would pray to her Gods to keep her husband and her kids safe. She was the rock that weathered all the storms. She would do anything in her power for the sake of her family. Gitanjali is absolutely beautiful in my eyes, and in some ways, she is like most women who are standing strong and protecting their families day in and day out. Happy one week to us #Animal team."

'Thank you all for all the love.. it's what keeps me going and makes me work harder with every film. Big hugs to you all too, she said.

Netizens slammed her for justifying Gitanjli's role

A user mentioned, "When there is a negative review on the film mostly about the violence against women, here I come with the long post to justify my character, that we should get used to violence so that the family will be safe and good you have reached heights so now it's not about big shot movies it's about the character and the message that reaches the audience. Both Pushpa and Animal the women character has been neglecting and sacrificing point, since you have a huge fan base why don't you give them a women centric film with a good reflection of women in the society, either just being a part of big films with a sacrificing women roles."

Another mentioned, " But if geethanjali were to hold her family together, why did she wish her father-in-law died? So, if it comes to her husband, she wants her father-in-law to be dead even though her father-in-law might not want his son to cheat his daughter-in-law. Just my thoughts!.."

Allu Arjun praises Animal

Pushpa star Allu Arjun praised Animal and lauded Ranbir and Rashmika, Bobby, Anil Kapoor for their act.

He wrote, "Animal just mind-blowing. Blown away by the cinematic brilliance. Congratulations! Ranbir Kapoor ji just took Indian cinema performances to a whole new level. Very inspiring. I am truly in loss of words to explain the magic you've created. My deep respects to the highest level."