Bigg Boss 17

After taking a week's break, Salman Khan is back on Weekend Ka Vaar and will be reprimanding the contestants in his style. Bhaijaan is miffed with Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar

Angry Salman Khan scolds Abhishek Kumar for telling Isha, 'Raat ko kahi aur jaakar...'

It so happened that Abhishek Kumar fought with his former girlfriend Isha Malviya. The promo that has been shared on social media shows, Salman Khan scolding Abhishek.

Salman Khan also showed clips of how he treats people and provokes them, as this kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

Bigg Boss 17

Host Salman Khan made shocking revelations about Abhishek Kumar when he said that Abhishek was seen assassinating Isha Malviya's character. He was previously seen passing derogatory remarks about her parting late nights and being friends with club owners. Angry Salman Khan said, "The most fake person in the Bigg Boss house at this time is Abhishek, the remarks you have passed about Isha that she used to go out late nights if I was there I would have crushed you."

He further warned Isha saying, "No matter how much he cries howls or breaks his head, you will not go back to consoling him."

What was the fight about?

During the immunity fight, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mashettey verbal argument. Munawar Faruqui asked Abhishek to not fight near the kitchen as the food was being cooked. Isha Malviya who was cooking the food told Faruqui that Abhishek would not listen to him.

This irked Abhishek and later Kumar and Malviya got into an argument.

Amidst the fight, Isha passed a comment on Abhishek Kumar's physique and stated that it was all a result of injections. Abhishek said that Isha takes beauty injections. This left Isha shocked and she told him that he was lying. Abhishek swore on his mother about the same and said he was not lying. Isha revealed about Abhishek's one-night stands and the fight went on.

Samarth and Abhishek started a conversation in which Jurel said, "Tu khokla hai", to which Abhishek replied, "Kitna khokla hu jaake Isha se puch. Woh teko ache se batayegi" (Ask Isha about the same, and she will tell you.)

Abhishek also said, "Raat ko dekhiyo, party mey hi hai na." (Just check on Isha in the night, if she is in the party only or no).

In the immunity task, Isha pushed Abhishek and asked him to stay away. Samarth Jurel also intervened and grabbed Abhishek far away from Isha. Rinku asked Isha to not get physical in a fight.

Meanwhile, Isha, Abhishek, and Samarth continued to fight.

Who will get evicted this week?

Sana Raees Khan has reportedly been axed from the show. A page dedicated to Bigg Boss internal updates confirmed that Sana will bid adieu to the show. 

"Surprised that the makers eliminated one of the strong contestants. Sana was a good player for the game. She was giving good content to show, her angle with Vicky bhaiya, roasting Anurag Dobhal, giving back to Munawar, and putting her points well", the page mentioned.